Is This YouTube Trend Finally Over?

6 June 2016, 14:09 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

We still love them, tbh.

Monthly favourite videos have been a staple for every fashion and beauty YouTuber for years but it would appear that they are now starting to loose their appeal. Lily Pebbles started the discussion. After finishing her challenge of uploading everyday in May, she asked for feedback from her viewers on their favourite type of videos. Lily is always keen to interact with her audience and is very open to critical comments as she loves to gain as much understanding of her viewers and the YouTube industry.

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However, after going through her comments Lily discovered that the infamous favourite videos had lost their edge and her viewers actually preferred vlogs and more creative short videos.

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Lily took to Twitter to do a poll on what people really think about monthly favourite videos. It was incredibly close with 53% saying they no longer like them. Lily Pebbles discussed on her Snapchat how she has taken the comments on board and is excited to look into a new creative alternative. Not only is the poll splitting the viewers but also the YouTube community as Zoella admits she is Team Monthly Faves.

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Monthly favourites hold a special place in many YouTubers' hearts as it is often the first video beauty and fashion lovers upload as they try and break into YouTube along with "What's In My Bag" videos.

As the lines between beauty, fashion and lifestyle have blurred, YouTubers such as Lily and Zoe have so many choices on what types of video they can upload. With the ongoing increase of freebies and sponsorships, which may have impacted the authenticity of favourite videos, YouTubers are slowly starting to replace this staple with P.O Box Unboxing videos and New In Beauty videos. Both these videos eliminate any shadiness or questioning if they purchased the product or were gifted in.

Last year InTheFrow chose to refer to her monthly faves as "love list" to try and set it apart from the hoards of monthly favourite videos that land in our subscription box each month. This year Marzia (CutiePieMarzia) went that step further and completely replaced monthly favourites all together and created a unique and beautiful series on her channel where she writes three things she would like to achieve that month and documents the process.

It is easy to get into a YouTube rutt and fall into the habit of uploading the same content each month. A haul one week followed by a Q&A;, make-up tutorial, tag video then finally a favourites. Marzia shows how though there is so much content on YouTube you can still create something new and exciting and are under no obligation to follow the same trends as other beauty/fashion gurus.

We are really excited to see what Lily Pebbles does next on her channel and what direction she takes her monthly favourites in.