7 Beauty YouTubers You NEED To Follow In 2016

4 January 2016, 15:34 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We've curated the best of the best.

New year, new you? Or just a bit of a beauty addict? Wherever you fall on the beauty scale, we've got a bunch of YouTubers we reckon you need to subscribe to right now. Whilst you might recognise some, we've also hand picked some smaller YouTubers who we reckon slay the make-up and lifestyle game.

So if you feel like you've done every Zoella tutorial and like you've watched Michelle Phan for a zillion years, here are some alternatives to help kick start your 2016.

Emily Canham

When it comes to "goals", look no further than Emily. The teenage British beauty vlogger has over 250,000 subscribers and is rapidly becoming one of the UK's most loved beauty gurus. Emily's mix of chatty videos, hauls and make-up tutorials makes her feel like a bit of a BFF.


Jayde Pierce

We first featured Jayde when she received a bunch of hate from traditional media for being a full time YouTuber- because apparently this isn't a job. Onwards and upwards, Jayde has continued to build her channel and audience and feature a range of fashion and style videos that we find ourselves continually looking forward to watching.


Spruce News

Whilst some of the vloggers we're featuring in this list have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Roxanne from Spruce News has just over 350- and we're struggling to see why she doesn't have more. Having joined YouTube in 2015, Roxanne's channel is a hive for reviews, swatches and favourites videos.



Michelle has nearly 250,000 subscribers but we only discovered her recently and we fell head over heels. Like her channel name would suggest, Michelle is all about the dramatic and glam make-up looks that would give Kim K a run for her money. So if false lashes and contouring to the max are your style, hit the subscribe button.


Tami Bee

Mumma and blogger Tami is more of a style YouTuber than a beauty guru but we love her content so much that we're including her anyway. Because we're rebels like that. Once you get past Tami's beautiful features, you'll be utterly inspired by her lookbooks and want to hit the shops ASAP.


Eve Bennett

Eve might only be 15 but she's just reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and we're predicting BIG things for her this year. If you're currently at school yourself, you'll love Eve's school routines, Q&As; and make-up tutorials. We think she's AWESOME!



Our final featured beauty vlogger comes in the form of Ree. The eagle-eyed among you will know we've included Ree in lists of our favourite beauty YouTubers before but we can't get enough. Once you subscribe to Ree's channel, expect a weekly offering of brand new beauty launches that will give you the World's Biggest Wish List. Fact. A channel for serious beauty junkies, if you don't subscribe then you're missing out.


Let us know your favourite in the comments below.