How To Become A YouTuber Over Summer Vacation (Part 1)

20 July 2016, 16:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

A brand new series where we will teach you, over the course of summer break, everything you need to know to become a world class YouTuber!

Welcome to a brand new tutorial series where we teach you everything you need to know in order to become a YouTuber. Every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, we'll cover a ton of topics including confidence, videos ideas, video-making technology and generally all the little tips and tricks you'll need to get YouTubin'. This week, it's all about you, you lucky thing.


Part One: Ask Not What Your Videos Can Do For You, Ask What YOU Can Do For Your Videos

As the unnecessarily wordy parody of a JFK quote above implies: we'll be looking at how you as a shiny lil human being can make your videos awesome. Let's start with how you present yourself to the world.



The Camera Sees All

Here's a weird thing I've learned in my years of making videos - cameras are very honest. I don't mean honest in the sense of how you look, I mean honest in the sense of how you are. If you are not being honest or real, the camera picks up on it and if the camera picks up on it, the audience can pick up on it. This is why YouTubers often advise up-and-comers to 'be yourself' - it's because if you're not acting like yourself, it often shows. So, unless your specifically playing a fake character in a video, just try and be as natural and normal as you can. I can guarantee you that viewers would 100% rather watch a normal person acting as themselves then an unnatural person fake-laughing and being weird.



Slow It Riiiiiight Dooooooooown

This is a very strange phenomenon but it's real and needs to be dealt with: when a person talks on camera (or in front of people, or any other public speaking situation) they often feel like they are talking at a normal speed, but in fact they are talking super fast. It can actually be mind-blowing to record yourself chatting then to watch the footage back and realise you were babbling like a champion speed-reader the whole time without realising. The solution? Simple! Talk more slowly. Oh and I don't mean a little slowly, I mean a lot more slowly. You need to talk so slowly that it actually feels unnaturally slow for you. The insane thing is that you'll stand there, talking at what feels like slow-motion pace then you'll watch the video back and find that not only are you talking at a normal speed, you also sound calm and confident.

An example of slow motion: A water balloon hitting Hagrid's face

Have Fun - OR ELSE

I have written around one billion pieces for this site that all basically boil down to 'the whole point of YouTubing should be to have fun' but it's something that can't be emphasised enough. Like I said, the camera shows only the truth and if you're having fun (real fun), the audience will have fun. This is true even of very serious videos - if it's clear that making the video is something that is enjoyable or fulfilling for you, the audience will feel it as well. Besides,  having fun is the best reason to do anything anyway.

A high quality GIF about fun

This is just a little taster to get you in the mood for video making. We'll delve into the more technical aspects next week, when we look at how to prepare a space for filming. See you next Wednesday! But in the meantime, why not check out some more beginner tips, from young Felix: