The DEFINITIVE List Of The Best YouTube Videos Of 2016

13 May 2016, 15:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

We may be a bit early, but we have our faves of 2016 to share with you.

We know that a round-up of the best YouTube videos of 2016 is probably the last thing you'd be expecting to see in the middle of May and we have to say, it's probably the last thing we thought we'd be writing. But sometimes good things don't come to those who wait, so why should you have to suffer until the end of 2016 without our round up of the best videos of the year?

To make sure all of you impatient ones out there (including us) are happy, we Unicorns have decided to gather together our absolute favourite uploads from the year so far, with one video for every YouTube genre we could think of.


VLOG: CutiePieMarzia - January Notes

It was definitely a tough decision when it came to choosing our fave video for this category. There are just so many creators out their now that continue to up their vlogging game when it comes to filming their everyday life. However, Marzia Bisognin AKA CutiePieMarzia, does her vlogs a little differently - and that's why she's made the cut. The girlfriend of the biggest YouTuber EVER films her Monthly Notes videos where she picks three things she'd like to achieve by the end of the month and vlogs herself doing them. It not only gets us more motivated to actually do something with our lives but it also makes us feel like we've watched something worth our time.


MUSIC: Boyce Avenue - Seven Days Cover 

Unless you've been hiding under a rock since the beginning of 2016, then you'll already know that the legend that is Craig David made a comeback this year with his newest hit 'When The Baseline Drops'. If that wasn't enough to celebrate in itself, Boyce Avenue uploaded this incredible acoustic cover of one of his oldies '7 Days' and we just love it. We also had the pleasure of chatting to Daniel from Boyce Avenue this year and you can read all about it here. 


FOOD: Melanie Murphy - Food Diary Friday 

One of our fave lifestyle YouTubers, Melanie Murphy, began filming her Food Diary Friday videos this year and we've been taking serious food inspo from them ever since. The Internet star has never been quiet about her history with food and eating disorders in the past and this particular food diary sees her explaining why she no longer eats a vegan diet. We applaud Melanie for being so open about doing your best to keep healthy and we can't wait for more of her food diaries.


COMEDY: TheThirdPew - Proof that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

One huge thing that has been happening in America so far this year are the Presidential elections. The whole topic has sparked debate, as politics usually does, and Nathan Zed, mostly known for his YouTube channel TheThirdPew, has taken it as an opportunity to get a few LOLs.  This video just pokes a bit of fun at Ted Cruz, one of the election candidates, and the conspiracy that he's secretly the Zodiac Killer. He makes some pretty valid points TBH.


FILM: Cracked - How 'Batman v Superman' Failed On Every Level

This year has also seen the release one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 and we Unicorns were even lucky enough to see it's premiere from our office window! #HumbleBrag. The film has definitely sparked mixed reviews in the community and it's caused a lot of controversy amongst in the YouTube world with this video from the team at Cracked discussing where exactly the film failed. I mean, Batman you really did email Wonder Woman. How did you not expect her to turn up?!?! Also, don't even get me started on Martha...


STYLE/BEAUTY: Fleur De Force - Get Ready With Us: COACHELLA 2016

Let's not forget that Coachella happened in April and all of our favourite YouTubers were invited - including the three beauty guru's we can't get enough of. VivianaDoesMakeUp, Fleur De Force and Samantha Maria all flew to California for the three day music festival and filmed one of the best GRWMs we've ever seen. The girls all filmed getting ready for a day at the festival and shared with us the make up products they're loving and gave us some serious holiday style inspo just in time for summer.


LIFESTYLE: Gabriella Lindley - My Weightloss Surgery 

Gabriella Lindley revealed something extremely personal in April and reminded us all that you don't always know what's going on in someones life - even if they chose to film every day of it. The beauty YouTuber shared her weightloss story with us all in one almost half hour long video explaining all of the procedures that she has had since she had a gastric band fitted and we applaud Gabby for being so honest. Does this really spell the end for her operations though?


DIY: Carly Musleh - DIY Chanel USB Lipstick

This DIY video from Carly Musleh is probably one of the best things we have even seen. As complete digital geeks, we all need a pretty USB stick to store all of our Phan gifs and this Chanel Lipstick USB is the perfect solution. Not to mention, Carly's USB creation is a great dupe for the Chanel Lipstick memory sticks that have been flying around the Internet for Ł1,000's.


GAMING: PewDiePie - I Quit For A New Job

PewDiePie has just kept surprising us this year with his even more hilarious gaming videos and this one is no different. The most popular YouTuber in the world has been testing out the whole Virtual Reality thing and filmed his reactions both in the real world and the virtual one for his subscribers to have a few LOLs. In this video, we see Felix quit his job as a YouTuber to become a chef... rather unsuccessfully we must admit.

Let us know in the comments which YouTube video has been your favourite so far in 2016!