These Are The Best Beauty Videos On YouTube In 2017 So Far

10 May 2017, 12:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

Best beauty videos

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The good, the bad and the painful...

The best YouTube beauty videos of 2017 (so far) are about to be revealed, by our expert eye. Based on a combination of the videos you've been talking about the most and their view counts, we've compiled a list which will keep growing throughout the year. 2017 has seen some pretty weird and wonderful beauty trends; including using actual testicles to apply makeup, and lollipop lips which just look like you've been kissing someone - and not sorted out your lipstick.

best youtube beauty videos 2017

YouTube is no doubt partly to blame for some of the kooky beauty trends we're all being exposed to; but the platform is also full of some beautiful, uplifting beauty content that makes us come back time and time again.

Here are the best YouTube beauty videos of 2017 (so far)...

Woman Uses Boyfriend's Balls To Blend Foundation

Let's just get this one out of the way with, because you can't talk about the best YouTube beauty videos of 2017 without mentioning this iconic creation. Watch at your own risk.

Becca Rose - Lush Hacks

Everyone loves Lush; but thanks to Becca Rose, you can take your addiction even further with some pretty surprising hacks that really do work.

Tati - $60 Rose Highlighter

One of the prettiest new products to come out in 2017 has been the rose highlighter by Lancome. But, besides the pretty packaging, is it worth it? As usual, Tati gives a full and comprehensive review of one of the most lust-worthy products of 2017.

Fleur de Force - My MAC Lipstick

Finding out one of our favourite YouTubers was collaborating with MAC Cosmetics was some of the best news we'd heard in ages. In this video Fleur finally reveals the lipstick she's been working on for months.

NikkieTutorials - Anti Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

You couldn't have a list of the best YouTube beauty videos of 2017 without including NikkieTutorials. There were so many videos to pick from; but her bold anti-Valentine's tutorial shows how to do a striking, modern day beauty look that will look amazing on all skin tones.

AnchalMUA - How To Colour Correct

If you're confused as to why people are putting big stripes of orange, green and blue on their face then you're about to get schooled. Makeup artist Anchal shows how to colour correct for olive, Asian or Indian skintones; and the results are pretty amazing.

LoveFromLiyax - Transforming My Boyfriend Into A Girl

If you're over the "boyfriend does my voiceover" style videos then how about watching LoveFromLiyax do her boyfriend's makeup? We're impressed at both her skill and his willingness.

Helen Anderson - Easy Glitter Eyes

A tried and tested tutorial, Helen will help you add some sparkle to your life, whether you're off to a party or just to the corner shop.

Looking For Lewys - Instagram Makeup Vs Every Day Makeup

Lewys shows the difference between the highly contoured, extreme look we often see on Instagram and the real life every day makeup look most of us wear. When you're indundated with filter-perfect images, it can be hard to realise you don't have to go all out to look beautiful.

Nicole Skyes - Full Body Black Head Peel Off Mask Challenge

The most painful thing you'll ever witness. Also - why?!

We probably won't be doing the blackhead mask challenge anytime soon; but we do have other great videos on our YouTube channel.

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