The BEST YouTube Challenges: Boys vs Girls

18 July 2016, 16:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

Nothing beats YouTubers trying to do yoga together. And fail.

We all love a good YouTube challenge. Whether it be a cutesy "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup" tag or an obvious failure like "The Yoga Challenge", watching these videos is one of our favourite ways to spend an evening. Nothing makes us feel better than seeing #Zalfie do a disgusting taste test or Caspar's all time classic "Brain Freeze Challenge" - right?! Well we've decided, because we love challenges so much, to come up with a list of the best boys vs girls videos that will remind you of the good times, and also the bad, when it comes to putting YouTubers through some rather weird tasks.

  1. Zoella and Caspar Lee Yoga Challenge. Cue awkward positions.

    We've seen the yoga challenge done over a million times since YouTubers started going crazy for it. But the one video that will always stand out as the best is Zoe and Caspar's attempt. Their take on the yoga challenge is a red flag from the word go with Caspar being about a foot taller than little Zoe - She even accidentally ended up using him as a human slide because he's so long! We will, however, give them points for trying - and in all fairness they did complete a few positions! (Even if Alfie and Joe had to step in and help).

  2. Jenna Marbles does the Boyfriend tag, and he couldn't be worse at doing it if he REALLY tried. Bless him.

    It's kind of obvious that most boyfriends won't be THAT amazing at doing their girlfriends make up - especially because, given evidence from videos on YouTube so far, it seems that most of them don't even know what bronzer is - let alone which brush is for what! However Jenna's edition of the challenge is our favourite of them all because her man puts her foundation on like its suncream, he doesn't know what eyeshadow is meant for (even though there is a massive clue in its name) and he uses her eyeliner to draw her eyebrows on. This ends with Jenna looking more nada than Prada and the whole thing being a hundred times AMAZING! (Even though she looks kinda scary).

  3. Joe Sugg and the gang - The original makers of the Whisper Challenge.

    We will always remember these five as being the original whisper challenge creators because nothing beats seeing a group of friends attempting to carry a whisper and always failing (because there is always that one person that changes it completely, 100%).  Zoella, Joe, Caspar, Alfie and Chai started this challenge off back in 2014, when they were just young little YouTubers. We're so glad that today they still make funny little videos like these that bring the gang together!

  4. Jack, Conor and Anna Maynard do the sibling challenge and it gets rather competitive.

    In a challenge which determines who knows who best, it's no surprise that things get a little bit heated between the three Maynard siblings - especially when points are involved. Their take on the challenge centres on who knows the most about their little sister Anna. However, the best part of this challenge is the boys' 'buzzers' being ridiculous facial expressions and sound effects that, of course, make no sense whatsoever. But what we really love is how cute Anna's bedroom is!

  5. Zoe and Joe Sugg do the Shock Ball Challenge. Prepare for a lot of laughter.

    The basics of the shock ball challenge is that you have to give a load of answers around a topic before the ball decides to shock you. Of course, this would make anyone a little nervous, but Zoe and Joe take being scared to a whole new level - and it's ridiculously funny! This is definitely a challenge where laughter is more out of fear than anything else but it makes for such a great video that we're not surprised its got nearly 10 millions views! We say more shock ball challenges please!

  6. Miranda Sings and Joey Graceffa swap clothes and its SOOOOOOOO good.

    You couldn't put two people together that would suit doing the clothes swap challenge more than Miranda and Joey. With both being in a constant state of play mode, watching them dress each other up in their clothes really is one of the best things on YouTube! And it's kind of scary how good Miranda looks like as Joey and Joey as Miranda... Maybe a trend or two might come out this challenge with the way these two can strut their stuff! (Oh and we would totally buy the clothes).

  7. And finally the beloved Brain Freeze Challenge with Caspar Lee and Eva Gutowski.

    Caspar Lee is known for making his friends get into a bath full of ice cubes until they can correctly answer a question. Which is always fun, considering his questions are always the most obscure and unknowable he could possibly ask! This particular version of his challenge features Eva Gutowski, an American YouTuber, who not only has to try and concentrate in a freezing cold bath but also can't understand Caspar's accent, which makes the whole challenge just that little bit more funny. Keep it up Caspar, we love these challenges!

    What is your all time favourite YouTube challenge? Let us know in the comments below!