These Are The Best YouTube Videos Of 2017 So Far

10 April 2017, 11:09 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Charleyy Hodson

Things are about to get real subjective up in here.

We're now four months into 2017 and things are already heating up when it comes to deciding our favourite videos of the year (so far). With billions of videos and basically as many channels, the idea of coming up with the best YouTube videos of 2017 was a daunting task - but when the decision was split between the Unicorns staff, we think we did a pretty decent job at summing up 2017 so far.

So, without any further adieu, we present you with the BEST YouTube videos of 2017 so far - but keep your eyes on the site for future articles and shifts should something even better come along. Now grab your mates and get hella excited, because it's time to launch this hype train sky high.

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DISCLAIMER: These videos are presented in no particular order, and have been selected by the Unicorns staff team. As a group of semi-intellectual quasi-adults watching YouTube for a living, we like to think we have a pretty good handle on what's hot or not in the YouTube community.


PewDiePie - "Stop Calling Me The Kazoo Kid!"

After the Internet started genuinely believing that Felix was the long forgotten Kazoo Kid, he did his best to squash the rumours - but seems to have accidentally set his Bro Army on the meme of it all a bit more than he wanted. Either way, we ended up with this video where Felix is seen on having a mental breakdown as he dislocates his shoulder and screams around his office. Eventually a demon is summoned.

Waffsicle - "Last Minute Trips ep. 1 - Truth or Consequences"

Julien Solomita is a vlogging sensation in his own right. Not only are his (not so) daily vlogs a thing of pure beauty thanks to his expert drone skills and behind the scenes look into a life full of Jenna Marbles and three small dogs, but his new YouTube adventure is something we wish we could all do. Along with Colin, the two throw a dart at a map of America and immediately have to travel there to see what happens when you take a "Last Minute Trip"... see what they did there?!

Elijah & Christine - "Bing Bong (Official Video)"

Before YouTube, people may remember Elijah and Christine from their iconic Vines. But now they're on YouTube, it's all about getting high, petting dogs and... recreating Halsey's music video for Closer with shot-for-hot accuracy but all the words have been changed to "Bing" and "Bong"?! Oh well, this video is freaking superb and deserves way more views than the 1.2 million it already has.

BananaJamana - "Why Trending Isn't Good"

Earlier this year, we covered how the Trending Pages isn't where a lot of creators want their personal and community-centric videos to end up. Unlike people like Casey Neistat and Matthew Santoro who specialise in content for all, some creators (such as Bananajamana seen below) are not so keen on the idea of their videos being marketed to the general public. You can hear more about this below, but it's eye-opening for people who believe that the Trending Tab is the best place to be on YouTube.

Grace Victory - "I have some exciting news"

Grace Victory is one hell of an interesting human being. In her life in the run up to her successful YouTube career, she spent her time helping young people and generally being an A+ citizen. Flash forward to 2017 and the announcement of her upcoming book, "No Filter" where fans are able to find out more about the YouTube personality doing more offline and online than you'll ever believe. Sure, book announcements might not be the best YouTube videos in the world, but when it comes to Grace, this video alone was enough to turn heads.

Riyadh K - "Pranking Our Dads"

Honestly, this is one of the best collaborations we've seen on YouTube based on the fact that you just know Riyadh and Melanie Murphy would be doing this whether the camera was on or off. YouTube has become a fantastic hub to see friendships flourish, and nothing is more special and memorable than two people just having a damn good time. So for genuine giggles, check out this video of Melanie and Riyadh pranking their dads!

Kat Blaque - "IMO: I'm Triggered And I'm Bored"

The opener to this iconic Kat Blaque video is something I want written on my gravestone. Her pinpoint comedy but biting criticism of Internet culture is so real I almost needed to lie back on the floor and absorb its full salt. Kat talks about people doing things specifically to get a negative response so they can then shout "triggered" and repeat jokes that are just old and boring by now. Honestly, this video will change your life.

Emma Blackery - "Ask Emma 14"

YouTubers are no strangers to Q&A; videos and in 2017, and it's nice to see that the format is still going strong. However, if you want to watch a Q&A; video that not only sees a YouTuber tearing hate comments apart but literally transforming in front of your eyes from having "girl balls" to a legit, real badass... then Emma Blackery's "Ask Emma 14" is your first destination. She also speaks about BananaJamana's previous video of not wanting to be trending on YouTube, in case you wanted to hear more about that.

Stef Sanjati - "Face Full of Popcorn"

You've seen Jenna Marbles sticking rhinestones to her face. And we've seen The Gabbie Show sticking googley eyes to her face too. But have you seen someone stick actual popcorn to their face for the sake of YouTube trends? Well, if this is something you desperately want to see (because honestly, it IS one of the best YouTube videos of 2017) then look no further because Stef Sanjati has not only done this challenge, but freaking nailed it.

Nathan Zed - "Bring It In 2017 // Leave It In 2016"

Not only is this one of the best YouTube videos of 2017, but Nathan Zed is fast becoming a creator that you need to have your eyes glued to at all times. His video saying that we need to "leave" in 2016 and "bring" in 2017 is enough motivation and comedy to get your through at least the next eight months of misery, and he's delivery and overall personality is plenty evidence enough for you to hit that subscribe button.

Dog Shirt - "I Eat A Picture Of Jason Segel Everyday Until He Eats A Picture Of Me"

This is self-explanatory. At the time of writing, he's on day 53. No news so far from Jason's end of the story about whether or not he has consumed a picture of Dog Shirt or not.

Dan Howell - "Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself"

WE HAD TO, RIGHT?! Dan Howell took some of our iconic quizzes in 2017, including ones such as "Can You Guess The Howell Video From A Single Pixel?" to figuring out whether this was a picture of Dan Howell or a literal Hobbit. Either way, Dan took our sense of humour with a pinch of salt and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our content - so why not call it one of our favourite videos of the year so far?!?! If Dan Howell talked about you for 13 minutes straight it would be your favourite video too, don't even try to deny that.


Do you have a favourite video this year that we missed off the list? Let us know in the comments below and we can just keep on updating this list! After all, it's only April and the best YouTube videos of the year may still be to come...

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