BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We Turned The Most Annoying Thing YouTubers Do Into A Bingo Game

13 April 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Sick of BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS? Play the game with us!

We've been having a lot of fun in the office ever since we made our YouTuber Drama Bingo; any time something seems to be going down in the community (with the exception of the very serious events of the past week) we've whipped it out and tried to beat each other in who can be the most salty.

So we thought: why not make it into a series?? There's MORE than enough we can joke about, right?

Hope you enjoy our latest installment, for all the BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS that YouTubers seem to love teasing. Is it a new book? A tour? An engagement? Who cares,  you'll have more fun playing the game.

Scroll down for the rules!

YouTuber Bingo

How to play:

  • Check off a box whenever you see/hear the relevant thing happen
  • Continue as necessary until you check off five boxes in a row: horizontal, vertical and diagonal all apply
  • The FREE SPACE allows you to complete a row that passes through the middle for free
  • HARD MODE: Go for a Full House! (checking off every box)

Print it, play it, share it... just whip it out whenever you think there's some new drama coming up. Let's all be unnecessarily shady together.

And let us know if you win by Tweeting us at @WeTheUnicorns!