WATCH: This Band Has The Most Awesome Music Videos Of ALL TIME

21 March 2016, 12:13 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Every OK Go video, in one place, ready for you to binge. Let's do this.

Welcome to a new series called 'Binge Watch' where we compile all the videos in a category for you to watch at your binging pleasure. The awesome band OK Go have produced some of the greatest music videos of all time, featuring: zero gravity, dogs, marching bands, segways and a billion other awesome things - and here they are, in order, ripe for the watching! Off you go!


1. Here It Goes Again

Here it goes again: the video that started it all. If you think this isn't one of the greatest YouTube videos ever made, then I don't wanna hang out with you, Krenden.


2. WTF? (2009)

This remains possibly my favourite OK Go video ever. It's so pleasant to watch.


3. This Too Shall Pass (2010)

One of my favourite OK Go songs has one of the most delightful silly videos they've ever made.


4. This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Video Version)

Okay, so it's the same song again - but the video is very different. This video is so incredibly elaborate we refuse to believe that it was achieved without the use of magic. Just behold:


5. End Love (2010)

2010 was a hell of a yell for the Go Boys. Here is yet another masterpiece that uses the deceptively simple art of combining stop-motion with unbelievable patience to produce an audiovisual treat.


BONUS: Last Leaf (2010)

I forgot to put this in the list originally so now it's a bonus. Enjoy:


6. White Knuckles (2010)

Now I know what you're thinking: these videos have been good, but they've also been severely lacking in dogs. Where are the pups? The puppers? The doggos? Well worry no more, Kandin (boy, you guys sure do have weird names), for this video hath all the puppers ye could want:


7. All Is Not Lost (2011)

I find this video incredibly unsettling - enjoy!


8. Needing/Getting (2012)

Saying that a video is incredible is almost meaningless now, because they all are - but this one really is an incredible sight to behold. I can't even properly describe it - that's how elaborate it is, but let's just say that they play their whole song (instruments included) using a car.


9. Skyscrapers (2012)

This video is not your traditional OK Go music video in that it doesn't include the band, and isn't insane. but dammit, the title of this article says 'every' video and I am fully semi-dedicated to fulfilling that promise.


10. The Writing's On The Wall (2014)

This video must have been so elaborate to plan that it almost physically hurts to watch (remember that feeling for the next video too), but that doesn't make it any less fun. Note: Don't confuse it with the horrible Sam Smith Bond song of the same name.


11. I Won't Let You Down (2014)

Just. Freaking. Watch. This.


12. Upside Down & Inside Out

The band's most impressive video is also the only one not on YouTube. Yes, for some reason it was a Facebook exclusive but you can watch it right here.


Oh and by the way, here's an egg with a fire emoji on it. I wonder why that could be here....


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