We Came Up With 7 Kinds Of YouTube Fans, But Are You One Of Them?

5 January 2017, 16:58 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39


By Charleyy Hodson

Be real honest...

If there's millions of people on YouTube making videos, and billions of people everyday consuming their content, surely by that logic there are some pretty specific kinds of YouTube fans?! Well, we think there is and we've decided to come up with just a handful of who we believe are the most prominent fan groups in the online community. If you're ready to have your personality and lifestyle 100% described online, read on to find out who you truly are when it comes to YouTubers...




Let's be real, as much as you tell all your friends and family that you're the biggest YouTube fan in the world, you only watch one person and they're your entire life. You've seen every video, collab, Snapchat background and indirect they've ever been in and you're more than happy to spend your days memorising absolutely everything about their lives. In fact, you probably know more of their life than the creator does themselves.




For you, it's very difficult to find the line between avid viewer and actually in relationship with something. There's a 90% chance you're mentally in a committed partnership with someone you subscribe to, even if they're not totally aware of it yet. Your walls are covered in posters. Your social media platforms are just glorified fan accounts. But finally, and more painfully, you've cried more than once when you've met them IRL.




You don't subscribe to YouTubers, and you don't even LIKE YouTubers, but you can't stop watching them. You're fascinated by just watching how they talk and act, even though it p*sses you off to the high heavens - but oh well, you love spilling the tea with your mates about that awful YouTubers latest video. Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult and testing kinds of YouTube fan, because before you realise it... you might just turn into their biggest fan!




You're perhaps new to the world of YouTube. You kinda like the way vlogs are made, and you definitely want to be a YouTuber yourself one day, but you're still not entirely sure if it's your cup of tea. It's new and unusual, but it's a fascinating world you want to learn more about. Instead of subscribing to creators, leaving comments or getting involved in the community, you prefer to sleuth around the edges, watching videos in your free time and silently judging everybody.




You're more professional than The Diehard and Hopelessly In Love kinds of fans, because you're legit. You belong to The Notification Crew and are fully committed to watching your favourite YouTubers the very SECOND they upload their latest video. Being part of the NC isn't easy, and may require sneaky breaks to the bathroom during classes and presentations to make sure you're the first on Twitter to tweet out those brand new in-jokes, but it's a lifestyle you're totally committed to.




This is by far one of the most testing kinds of fans, because you're the one who stays up late into the night GIF-ing everyone's favourite videos and creating memes out of tweets. You're famous on Tumblr and iconic on Twitter, but it's a thankless job. Because of you, in-jokes and memes stay a loveable part of any fandom, but it comes at a cost - you've not seen daylight for weeks and your Giphy account is reaching its capacity. We salute you.




You've been a part of most of these types of YouTube fan; you've been there for the notifications, you've been madly in love with a creator before and there was a stage in your life when you owned the most popular YouTuber fan account in the world... but now things have changed. Now you're just angry and ready to fight anyone willing to attack your fave, regardless of who gets caught up in the drama. You're here to see how you can spread the salt and are known as the ONE fan in your community that should not be crossed.


Let us know in the comments below if you below to any of these kinds of YouTube fan - or if you think you deserve your very own category!