CHALLENGE: Can You Watch These 9 YouTube Videos Without Vomiting?

10 February 2017, 17:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're so sorry.

This article is just shocking. Please feel sorry for me as I've just had the displeasure of finding nine of the most bile-inducing videos on the entirety of YouTube. But, if this is your cup of tea and you're in the mood for some good old-fashioning vomiting, then you're in luck. From Rainbow Sick to Pimple Popping, the next few minutes of your life will quite possibly be the worst you've lived so far.

Okay, that's enough of an introduction. We've written enough words to move all the gross content away from immediately loading onto your page. You've had enough of a warning. If you scroll past this GIF of Joey Graceffa, you're officially committing to the challenge ahead of you with the ultimate aim... to try to stop yourself from vomiting. Good luck my friends.



So this video is the condition of a bathroom once it has NOT been cleaned for 10 years. Note that the toilet looks like he's been storing brownie mix in there...


If you thought drawing your own makeup was hard enough, then this mind f*ck will upset you even more than just making you sick.


I'm so sorry we couldn't find a less gross thumbnail for this video. How are you not vomiting already?!




Trypophobia a big deal of you? Yeah, we found a video for you. So sorry.


Okay this involves four idiots drinking four idiots bottles of milk filled with four idiotic colours until the floor is covered in rainbow coloured idiot juice. Avoid at all costs.


This is just plain nasty. You're a bad man for making this, it was absolutely never needed. Who's looking for this content?!


Thankfully, this nice lady has rounded up 10 of the sickest images on the Internet for us because we felt pretty weak at this stage of the challenge.


And finally, quite possibly the grossest thing you'll see all day... a sweatshirt coming to life to consume the lives of innocent teenagers. God help us all.