THROWBACK: The YouTube Classic Videos That NEED To Make A Comeback

8 June 2016, 16:28 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

Warning: This article will make you sob with nostalgic feels.

It is easy to forget how long YouTube has been around for especially because a lot of media outlets still see it as a brand new modern platform. Internet trends come and go, channels fall behind and YouTubers change their "direction". We've taken a look back on the channels, characters and trends we would love to see make a come back.

Because who doesn't love a throwback or two?


Omg. Shoes. One of the original viral videos created by Liam Kyle Sullivan who has only uploaded one video in the past 3 years despite having success with this classic over 10 years ago. The character Kelly went onto inspire many successful YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and Grace Helbig. We would love to know what Kelly is doing now! Has she got more shoes? Some gladiator sandals, perhaps?


2) Chummy Chatter

Zoe Sugg and chummy Louise Pentland AKA Sprinkle of Glitter put their Internet spaces to good use in their Chummy Chatter series, where they discuss topics that they feel are important to their viewers. Zoe and Louise both give relatable advice on body confidence, relationships and education. The last Chummy Chatter was filmed in 2014 and we would love to see more advice videos from Zoe and Louise in the near future.


3) Lollipop26 

Way before viewers were concerned with sponsorships and clickbait, Laura ruled the beauty guru world under the username Lollipop26. Now known as Buy Now, Blog Later, Laura left YouTube before it hit the major mainstream. If you are not an original viewer of Lollipop26 you will have probably heard multiple beauty YouTubers (Fleur, Lily and Anna) reference Laura as the reason they started their channel and how she was the first YouTuber they subscribed to. Our Senior Editor Hollie was a huge fan of Laura on YouTube and reads her blog on the regular. What could be a better stamp of approval than that?!



4) Bride De Force

Fleur De Force teamed up with her sister Hannah who is an events planner to create this channel, dedicated to wedding planning. Unfortunately the channel came to a standstill shortly after Fleur got married, the last video was posted in 2014. Fleur recently hinted on her vlog channel that the channel might be making a comeback. Finger crossed!


5) Challenge Charlie 

Charlie McDonnell has been on YouTube since 2007 which is ancient in Internet terms. Charlie started the series "Challenge Charlie" when he hit 25,000 subscribers. Though challenge videos are still incredibly prominent on YouTube the last "Challenge Charlie" was uploaded in 2013.


6) Birthday Collabs

One of the loveliest trends on YouTube would be to gift your Internet BFF a compilation video including birthday wishes from a whole host of other Internet personalties. Birthday collabs highlighted the beauty of the YouTube community, seeing the support and friendships between vloggers made us all want be part of team Internet. This one from 2012 offers all the throwbacks from 16 minutes onwards- Becca Rose before she had black hair, Lily Pebbles when she was known as What I Heart Today and back when Esste Lalonde was living with Meg Isobel AKA LipSoFacto, another YouTube account we miss and would love to see make a comeback.

What Youtube trends, channels and characters do you wish would make a come back?


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