What Is The 'Clout House'? Who Lives There And How Much Is It Worth?

4 October 2018, 17:15

clout house
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

What is the Clout House, who lives there? All shall be revealed

The Clout House is a giant mansion that houses members of the Clout Gang, the name given to a group of YouTubers and Influencers (think Team 10). Notable members of the gang include RiceGum and FaZe Banks.

A similarly luxurious house featured in part 4 of Shane Dawson's hugely successful Jake Paul documentary series, with English mayor Nick Crompton as the star resident, leading many viewers to think he now lives in the Clout House.

However, Nick posted a tweet clarifying that his new house is actually part of a series of similar looking houses, that includes the Clout House.

So although his house looks a lot like it, he does not actually live there himself. Just thought we'd get that out of the way right off the bat.

Anyway, let's look at this sickeningly large home:

Who lives in the Clout House?

The Clout House, like any good Influencer House™, has its fair share of turnover when it comes to residents. Here's a quick rundown of the former and current occupants, which will probably already be out of date by the time we hit publish.

Past residents: Wolfie, Juarez Twins

Current residents:

- FaZe Banks

- Alissa Violet

- RiceGum

- Sommer Ray

- Carrington Durham

- TeaWap

- RyanSwaze

- UglyGod

- FazeKay

clout house sitting room
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How big is the Clout House?

Here's a rundown of this humongous creation, which surely only serves to infuriate the Lord with its flagrant opulence:

- The house is 4 stories high

- 12,500 square feet of flooring

Just about big enough to hold all those influencer egos then! Ha ha! Just a little humour for you there in case the square footage numbers weren't entertaining enough.

clout house tour inside
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How much is the Clout House worth?

A house this big does not come cheap. Here are some estimates for how much the house will cost you, based on previous sales:

- Total worth of the house: over $12 million

- Cost to rent: over $34,000 a month

Best start saving now, then.

clout house pool
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What kind of luxuries does the house have?

This house boasts:

- 10 Bedrooms, with 10 beds

- Baths: 14 full, 14 three-quarter, 14 half, 1 quarter (this is what the website says, we have no idea what this actually means)

- Pool with waterfall and fire pit

- Fitness centre

- Sauna and steam room

- State of the art home theatre with seating for 20+ guests & sophisticated high-def projection

clout house gym
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Where is the Clout House?

The Clout House is in Los Angeles, California. Some people have leaked the exact address, but we're not about that life.

... Plus there are two other houses.

As well as the main Clout House, the Gang has also purchased the two houses "right next door", meaning the Clout House is more of a system of houses. Soon it will be a Clout Village, and in 20 years scientists reckon there could exist a Clout City.

What do you make of the Clout House? Would you like to live there? Do you live there? FaZe, is that you? Is that you reading this? How are you FaZe? You doing okay? You doing okay, FaZe? Nice house, bro. Stay cool, bro.