The Craziest Things YouTubers Have Ever Done To Get Subscribers

30 March 2017, 16:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

But did they work...?

YouTubers have done some pretty mind-blowing things to get popular over the years, but they have nothing on these four creators. Without a doubt, the examples listed below are four of the craziest things anyone has ever done on YouTube to get more subscribers, and hopefully there won't be anymore to add to this list in the future!

So, if you're ready to see the craziest things people have genuinely done to grow their audience, read ahead but please... don't take any notes.



Zoie Burgher - #NudesAt1Mill

After being attacked by Pyrocynical for the way she creates content on YouTube (having been thrust into the spotlight following her ban from Twitch), Zoie decided to use her body to make a point. In the same way many YouTubers do "face reveals" when they hit certain subscriber milestones, Zoie promised to release her nudes once she hit 1 million subscribers to show that the shock of people using their bodies for subscribers changes when it comes to males and females.


Elijah & Christine - Getting married at 1 million.

After getting engaged in a Taco Bell and seeing their subscribers smash their previous target, Elijah & Christine set their fans on a new end goal - if they reached 1 million subscribers by the 1st of June 2017, they would legitimately get married to each other. This quest has recently taken another step after they both entered themselves into a competition to be the first couple to get legally married in a Taco Bell - how poetic!


Lena the Plug - Sextape at 1 million

Lena is another YouTuber who sexualised her body to gain popularity - and for a long time, it worked. She had the majority of the mainstream press talking about her outlandish goals, and in the video she even discusses how she's been "approached to do porn multiple times". She's yet to reach 1 million subscribers, and honestly, you can go Google and check to see when the video comes out; we don't wanna know!


PewDiePie - Deleting at 50 million.

We had to include this one, didn't we?! Unlike the previous YouTubers who all promised something positive when they reached a new subscriber milestone, Felix told the world he was going to delete his channel instead. Well, we all know what happened in the end and it will go down as one of the craziest YouTube trolls of all time, but let's take a moment to relive this moment again.


Can you think of any more? Let us know in the comments below!