CHALLENGE: Can You Survive This Article Without Cringing?

23 May 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is more painful than you think.

Forget the 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge, we have something brand new for you. Thanks to the seemingly endless supply of creativity on YouTube, it can be estimated that over 300 hours of video content is uploaded to the website every minute. Now obviously, that's not all going to be glossy YouTuber-based content from our faves, so we've dug through the deep deep recesses of the Internet to find some of the most uncomfortable and cringe-worthy videos in the world.

For those not in the know, Urban Dictionary defines 'cringe videos' as; "A specific genre of comedy, where the intent is to make you uncomfortable rather than make you laugh". So we present you with a challenge... can you get through the next 11 videos of truly savage cringe in order to boast to your friends and family? If you're ready to take on the challenge, the rules are below - but make sure you send this to everyone you know to make sure they join in the competition!


THE CHALLENGE: For every single cringe video you watch IN FULL, you can have 10 points. If you make it almost there, I'll let you have 5 points. If you cave immediately, you get nothing. Zero points. Try to make it through these 11 hardcore cringe videos without laughing or burning your eyes and you can have a massive 110 points - make sure you let us know in the comments what you get! And don't lie... trust us, we'll know. (BTW, I did this challenge myself and scored a measly 35 points, it's that hard.)


Wanna see a couple dozen people awkwardly try to start a Flash Mob? Five points if you made it to the first dance move, and 10 points if you make it to the end of the song.


Imagine watching five small children sing about pizza at a sleepover, but it's been slowed down by the devil himself. Five points if you make it to the weird fish part, and 10 points if you make it to the final shot of the finished pizza creation.


Here, we see Yoko Ono performing some voice poetry. Five points if you see Yoko walk up to the microphone without ripping your arms off, and 10 points if you're able to listen to even a syllable of her poetry without falling over in pain.


When Django Unchained was released, there was quite a bit of controversy about the amount of times a certain word was said by it's main characters. Five points you make it to the first time Samuel L. Jackson tries to make the interviewer say it, and 10 points if you're able to move onto the next question.


Getting married to the love of your life is a moment you want to remember forever, but is it really suitable to kiss for a solid two minutes in front of your friends and family?! Five points if you don't cringe at the embarrassing kiss-approach to begin with, and 10 points if you're able to watch these two lovebirds make out for 120 seconds.


We've all been in love at one point, but have you ever gone Live on the Internet to serenade them? Five points if you even make it to the serenading, and 10 points if you hear the end of the song and witness the kiss.


This TV presenter proves that things were reaaaaaaally different back in the 70's. Five points if you get past the first time he GENUINELY TRIES TO KISS A CHILD without screaming, and 10 points if you're able to witness all the lengths this man goes to in order to flirt with minors.


Lisa Gail Allred is living her best life in this classroom full of sexy cowboys. Five points if you don't immediately choke when she starts singing, and 10 points if you make it to the dramatic fade out at the end of the banger.


These two girls desperately want you to know that they have problems just like you, even though they're ridiculously hot. Five points if you make it to the chorus without wanting to hurt someone, and 10 points if you finish the song and get it stuck in your head all day.


'I Screaming Inside My Head' is my theme tune based on that off-beat sync sound. Five points if you make it to the OH NO chorus, and 10 points if you make it to the SPAGHETTI-OH line without slipping into a trance.


And finally, for the last video, let's watch this young man declare his love for a lucky girl name Briona. Five points if you make it to the grain of sand comparison without wanting to spare Briona from this evil, and 10 points if you make it to the end and wish he was your own bae.