Dan & Phil Fan Has The Best Reply To A Friend Who Said She’d Never Meet Them

28 June 2017, 09:50 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:48

dan and phil reply

By Benedict Townsend

The picture was shared with the caption 'gentle reminder not to let anybody tell u what u can and cannot do' - and that really sums it up

Here's a little feel-good story for you. A reader shared this awesome tumblr post with us and we just had to pass the good vibes on. The post comes from tumblr user godlyputa and it's an image of a printed out text conversation between two friends (although they don't seem too friendly tbh). In the image, one person (named Jack apparently) tells our hero that they (Dan and Phil) are 'never gonna know you exist' and adds that although 'its nice they make u happy' it's likely that 'ur probably never even gonna meet them'.

Our hero responds by defiantly proclaiming that not only are they going to meet Dan and Phil, but they're also going to get the pair of them to sign a screenshot of this conversation. And you know what? You know what? You know what?

They only bloody went and did it

Feast your eyes upon the ultimate power move.


Drink it in. Fantastic. That's exactly what you think it is - it's a printout of the conversation signed by D & P themselves. godlyputa captioned the image 'gentle reminder not to let anybody tell u what u can and cannot do'. If that doesn't make you want to kick-box your way up a mountain with pure empowered energy then we don't know what will. We have reached out to godlyputa for more info and will update the story if and when they reply. And hey - have a great day.


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