Here's 10 Gifs Of Dan Making Phil Smile Because We All Need Some Joy In Our Lives

21 August 2017, 16:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dan Howell & Phil Lester

By Josh Lee

Dan and Phil's friendship is purer than freshly fallen snow, deeper than an ocean trench and truer than... someone who tells the truth a lot.

What makes Dan and Phil's relationship so phantastic is that they're both as dedicated to making the other one laugh as characters in middle-ages fantasy dramas are to ridiculous quests that will inevitably lead to gruesome deaths.

To celebrate this important tenet of their phrendship, we've found 10 adorable gifs of Dan making Phil smile. And yes, there will be a follow up. Let's begin:

  1. When he blew up a moose's arse moose
  2. When he entered the room dressed as the Easter bunnybunny
  3. When he did this to Phil's facemakeup
  4. When he read sexy Phan-fiction to Philphandom-moments-14
  5. When he wasn't afraid to offer Phil loud, passionate encouragement anigif_enhanced-13196-1441078578-2
  6. When he confirmed his complete trust in Philtumblr_nyleodwrg31rgrtjto1_540
  7. When he gave Phil's self-esteem a metaphorical tummy rubdan-and-phil-gif-6
  8. When he was completely honest about things5c4a6fa3bf117c7befc1ea0184c7ee8a
  9. When he helped Phil live his emo truthanigif_enhanced-18166-1441076354-3
  10. When he offered a big old public display of platonic affection on stageanigif_enhanced-28897-1441084120-8

Long live Phan!

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