8 Dating Advice Videos You Need For Every New Relationship

29 September 2015, 15:09 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Dating is weird. You meet this stranger (sometimes a friend) that you might like, and then you do an activity together, and you use that experience to decide if you want to keep doing activities with this person. It's a weird world, and it can be pretty tricky to navigate.

Fortunately, a lot of your favourite YouTubers have lived that life, and they've used their experiences to impart some knowledge onto the rest of us lowly singletons. So put down Tinder for a while and scroll on for some real dating expertise...


Hannah Witton - Top 10 First Date Ideas

Coming up with ideas for just the first date can be tough - you don't want to sit in the dark in a movie, but you're not ready for the long walk on the beach just yet. Luckily Hannah's here with a whole plethora of ideas to keep the conversation flowing; and if things work out, you could try some of these for your second date...


Mike Falzone - 15 Things You Should Never Say On A Date

Hopefully you have some idea of how to talk to another human, and already know that the talking points Mike brings up in this vlog are to be avoided at all costs. But just in case you need a reminder of the kind of things to think about before saying, then check out this hilarious little nugget of wisdom.


Akilah Hughes - Meet your First Black Girlfriend

Odds are at some point, you might date someone a different race from you. And as much as you might like them, it's easy to make some problematic slip-ups based on genuine ignorance or privilege. But if you prepare yourself by watching this hilarious sketch from Akilah, then hopefully you'll know to show up to your next date with a little more self-awareness.


Hannah Hart - How To Make An Online Dating Profile

We know that Hannah has recently admitted to finding love in the form of another YouTuber (go Hangrid!), but that doesn't mean she isn't a pro at the ol' dating site. If you're thinking of setting up your OKCupid profile, watch as Hannah helps her friend Hannah (heh) pick the best pics and details for her own account.


Jack'd - If Guys Acted In Real Life The Way They Do On Gay Apps

The world and the lingo of guys-only dating apps like Grindr can be confusing at best and downright racist at worst - but what would it look like if people actually spoke like that when seeking a date in real life? Sketch channel Jack'd offers up this hilariously cringeworthy parody to show you just how those guys sound.



Ah, Tinder. Time and time again it has proven itself to girls as a minefield of creepy messages and unsolicited dick pics, and offers way more entertainment value than actual matchmaking.  If you've been thinking of trying the app to fix your love life, it's probably worth watching this vlog from Meghan Rienks, as she cleans out her Tinder inbox.


PrincessJoules - Dating As A Transgender Person

Being trans and dating comes with its own mixed bag of issues: all of which unfortunately come from the stigma and internalised transphobia of some of their dates. MTF YouTuber Julie Vu sheds light on this by offering her perspective on dating as a trans person, in this montage of the different ways that guys have reacted upon learning her identity.


Zoella/SprinkleofGlitter - Bad Relationships & Breakups

Sadly, not all dates and relationships are meant to be. Fortunately, you can always rely on some of your girly mates to offer some sound advice on getting past it - and this old gem from Zoe and Louise is some serious chicken soup for the heartbroken soul.