It's FINALLY December, And Here's All The YouTuber Birthdays To Know

1 December 2016, 10:56 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson


We can't believe we're saying this after surviving such a trash bag of a year, but December is now upon us. With Christmas, New Year and the promise of a better 2017 on the horizon, it's time to whack on your party hats and start getting crunk - especially now that we can see all these YouTuber birthdays coming up too! So make sure you make a note and send a lil' bit of love on social media; a YouTuber is for life and not just for Christmas!

If you want to know what other YouTuber birthdays happened over the past 12 months, make sure you head back through our archives RIGHT HERE and let us know in the comments below which birthdays you think we've missed! If we can squeeze them onto the calendar this year it would be amazing, and then they will be immortalised on our website for CENTURIES!

Also, we're 100% aware that there are Unicorns in this calendar, but we feel it's VITALLY important for y'all to know when to send us love too... And that's not just because I personally will be having a birthday this month. I promise.



  • December 9th - Lily Pebbles
  • December 11th - KickThePJ
  • December 18th - Marcus Butler
  • December 28th - Jim + John Chapman
  • December 29th - Liam Dryden + Charleyy Hodson (coz Unicorns have birthdays too...)