Here's Why It's Important (And Totally OK) To Occasionally Go Offline

27 April 2017, 16:12 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

Tyler Oakley

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Take a break from the Internet... But only after you've read this article.

With so much information to constantly take in, more YouTubers to watch and endless scrolling on Instagram to do, living life online can become incredibly overwhelming. As well as having a negative effect on your mental health, being online all the time can make you miss the stuff right in front of you and, as cheesy as it sounds, miss out on the real world.

So if the idea of a "digital detox" sounds rewarding - but pretty difficult. Here are some easy ways to switch off and why it's so good for your overall health.

Your YouTube subscriptions will stack up which means a big binge-watching session

Perhaps taking a break from everything online and then binging on it all doesn't immediately sound like the best advice, but it's something we've personally found really useful. If you can manage to have a couple of nights away from the screen every week and do other things (meeting your friends in real life, reading, going to a gig) then your subscription box will be next level come the weekend. Tea, toast and 26 new videos to watch, anyone?!

digital detox

You'll be less anxious

Whether you've been diagnosed with anxiety or - like most people- feel anxious from time to time, taking a break from social media is proven to help ease things. When we're on social media, we worry about everything from why we're not as well dressed as that blogger we follow to how exactly our old school friend is married, owns a house and has two beautiful children whilst we're still living at home with mum and scrolling through dating apps.

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It's a cliche but comparission really is the thief of joy.

Going offline will scientifically make you like your friends more

Or at least make you appear to them as if you like them more. Because you spent so much time staring down at screens, you are essentially on a one-way path to being the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Studies have proven that if you take a break from all things digital, your posture improves for the better. This means your entire vibe is more open, friendly and makes you seem more engaged and approachable.

digital detox

Your huge ego will reduce - and rightly so

Admit it, you love scrolling through your social media accounts and seeing the filtered life you've created for yourself. However, it's proven that taking selfies on a regular basis turns us into narcissists - which isn't cool. A study by the University of Georgia found a direct relation between social media use and "grandiose narcissism". Basically people who use social media more are more at risk of developing a narcissistic personality disorder.

digital detox

Shockingly, being offline is actually quite fun

Take a simple step and ask your friends not to look at their phone when you're out for dinner or coffee, you'll find time goes much quicker and you get so much more enjoyment from their company. And by not checking in to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you'll find yourself not knowing exactly where your friends are and what they're up to meaning you'll have so much more to talk about.

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YouTubers such as The Anna Edit and Estee Lalonde have filmed and uploaded their experiences of going offline for a while (ironic, we know) and if it's good enough for them...


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