The Best Disney Cupcakes Tutorials Ever

25 September 2015, 13:27 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

If, like us, you find yourself with no weekend plans apart from playing on Legend of the Brofist then maybe you should head to the kitchen? We've been searching into the depths of YouTube to find some of the most impressive Disney cupcake tutorials out there. So whether you've got skills to rival Betty Crocker or manage to burn toast every time, there's something for everyone in these videos.

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Prepare to be amazed....

Sofia The First Cupcakes

If you're terrible at baking, we reckon you could get away with using some plain shop-bought cupcakes and doing the decoration yourself. Once you've got the base and ganache down, you could easily use this format as a template for creating other Disney princesses.


Maleficent Cupcakes

If you want to get some practise in before Halloween, start now with these cupcakes. Our top tip? Add a little edible green glitter for maximum Maleficent impact.


Giant Frozen Cupcake

For this tutorial you'll need a steady hand for all the icing, a couple of Anna and Elsa dolls for the centre and a machine that makes your cakes spin slowly round. No wonder this video has had over 79 MILLION views.


Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

In terms of how easy these are to bake we reckon we'd stand a good chance at them. They may not be the most mind-blowing cupcakes but they're something you can easily knock up before the Great British Bake Off and eat for dinner (yes, all 12).


Descendants Cupcakes

Now these... these will literally blow your mind. Who knew cupcakes could be actual art? Jamie Jo is the woman behind BananaJamana and was commissioned by Disney themselves to make these Disney villain cupcakes which use a mix of cake (obviously) and hand painted toppers. We're in awe.

We're off to cover ourselves in buttercream now...