The ULTIMATE DIY Fashion, Beauty And Interior Tutorial Round-Up

12 July 2016, 12:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

Fun, simple and easy DIY activities for everyone!

When you do something yourself, there's always a sense of achievement and accomplishment that comes with it that's totally addictive, especially when you can add a personal touch to your home, taste and style. With these easy to follow DIY videos, covering all the must haves in beauty, interior and fashion, your new found talents won't go a miss amongst your friends.

Take a look and see which do-it-your-own hacks become your favourite at home past-time, and let us know in the comments below which ones you give a go!



Edible Lipstick // SaraBeautyCorner

For those with a sweet tooth and a temptation to want to munch on their cherry lip balm sometimes, this DIY lipstick and lip balm by SaraBeautyCorner is the perfect tutorial to open you up to the world of edible makeup. Creating tasty candy-styled lipsticks that will fulfil your need for a little snack whilst doing your daily makeup routine is pretty much the only thing we want to do today.


Bath Bombs // RCLBeauty101

Its always nice when we can add a little bit of scent and colour to our bath time routine, but it can be costly when wanting the best out of bath bombs. But fear no more, as RCLBeauty101 has given us the perfect guide on how to make your own inexpensive bath bombs with the things you'll already have at home. Bath time just got a lot more fun.


Beauty Blenders // GlitterForever17

What did we ever do before beauty blenders? Our make up routines just wouldn't be the same without them, and thanks to GlitterForever17 we can now make as many of them as we want, in a matter of minutes. From ombre effects to glitter overload, this unmissable tutorial has shown us how to make personalised beauty blenders that will forever give us a flawless finish.


Highlighter // Poise and Purpose

Highlighting has become an essential element in our makeup bags, giving our cheekbones definition to die for and the world of beauty is now taking it one step further by introducing the Rainbow Highlighter. Poise and Purpose show us how to achieve this juicy palette in the comfort of our own home with minimal effort and a glorious colourful finish. Now, we can finally have the rainbow at the tips of our fingers, everyday.


Lip Plumper // Karina Garcia

Ever since Kylie Jenner entered our lives a few years back, we have become obsessed with having a fuller lip. Of course, we can't all afford surgical treatment like Miss Jenner, but thanks to many beauty bloggers out there we were introduced to the little hack of lip plumper's. Karina Garcia has taken this idea one step further by giving us a DIY tutorial on how to make our own lip plumper by recycling and reusing our old EOS lip balm. We bet Kylie wish she knew about this before she went under the knife...



Dino Planters // Carly Musleh

If you've ever thought about how you can re-vamp your average looking plants or how you can bring a little edge to your home design, then look no further. Carly Musleh has come up with the cutest way to redesign indoor plants with her Dino Planters tutorial, showing us a modern and artistic way to easy decorating. These dino planters are definitely something we want to see more of in our homes.


Emoji Pillows // BeautyByTaylor

In a world were emojis are simply the best and only way of expressing ourselves, it seems only necessary to have them gracing our homes as well. These easy, no sew emoji pillows by BeautyByTaylor shows us how effortless it is to bring our favourite smiley faces, foods and flowers to life. We'll no longer feel unloved with a massive heart emoji to cuddle at night.


Fairy Glow Jars // Niki+GabiBeauty

Sisters Niki and Gabi from Niki+GabiBeauty show us in this easy step-by-step tutorial how fairy lights are out and fairy glow jars are in. These colourful and enchanting home decorations add a magical element to the night and bring a beautiful twinkling addition to anyones bedroom.


Yarn Wall Hanging // Amanda Faye

If you're into everything boho and chic, then this yarn wall hanging by Amanda Faye is the perfect DIY tutorial to watch. Amanda shows us how easy it is to create a unique and cosy wall decoration at home and how simple it is to add your own personal flare wherever your heart desires.


Canvas Art // SharonBeMakinStuff

SharonBeMakinStuff makes us want to discover our inner artist in her tutorial on canvas art. In this video, she takes inspiration from Tumblr by creating a sweet and delicious painting of a donut, making for the cutest edition to any room. And the beauty of this DIY is that you can tailor the art to whatever takes your fancy. From puppies to daisies, candy to unicorns, this home decoration is the perfect way to add your own touch to your home.



Off The Shoulder Dress // MyStyledDiaryy

This summer, one of the biggest trends has been the off-the-shoulder dress. It's the perfectly effortless style that makes for a girly, chic look that is fitting for any hot summer day or casual evening-do. Thanks to MyStyledDiaryy, you can design and create your own version of this must-have dress, showing you a step by step guide on how to achieve the look in a matter of moments. Make it as personalised as you like through colours and materials and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd.


Slip Dress // Half Baked

No other decade has come back into fashion as quickly as the quirky 90's trend of the slip dress. This minimal and vintage look is easily achievable with textiles goddess Half Baked showing us two alternative ways to re-create this style right from home.


Backpack // Natasha Rose

With the backpack no longer being for the geek but now for the chic, Natasha Rose gives a perfect tutorial on how to easily make an edgy vinyl backpack. Whether it be for a festival or school, this design idea is the faultless way of impressing your friends on how trendy and stylish you've become lately.


Accessories // Mika Chan Sailor

Seeing as festival season has crept up on us once again, its time to bring out the accessories and glam up. Mika Chan Sailor has created a tutorial that shows us an alternative style to head chains that artistically brings a hippie element to the usual festival attire.


Denim // ToThe9

In ToThe9's DIY video on denim jeans and shorts, these two lovely ladies show us several different retro styles that can be easily achieved from any old or vintage pair of jeans. From distressing to roll ups, cut outs to chop offs, ToThe9's gives us a sassy throwback to why denim really is the coolest material to wear.