6 Dumbass YouTube Trends We Should Leave In 2017

29 December 2017, 17:41

youtube trends to leave in 2017
youtube trends to leave in 2017. Picture: youtube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Let's start 2018 off right, by getting rid of all this nonsense

1. Clickbait storytime videos

I Was Killed By A Ghost??? (Gone Sexual)

No, no you weren't. Cease your untruthful hyperbole. Away with you, until you learn what 'not clickbait' actually means.

2. Endless diss tracks

"Well my name is Tim and I'm here to say, it's fun to wrap in a YouTube way!" - This is about the quality of rap you can expect from the average YouTuber diss track. It's already boring enough to listen to one YouTuber go in on another YouTuber (especially when you know that 99% of the time it's fake), but it's even more boring when the YouTuber simply cannot rap in the first place.

I have no interest in who is mad at Ricegum this week. Enough with all the bad rhyming, lads. Naturally the only person to handle this trend properly was Jacksfilms:

3. Weird, creepy kids videos

YouTube is already trying (emphasis on trying) to tackle the flood of weird, creepy and sometimes genuinely sinister kids videos that swept across the platform in 2017 like a Biblical plague. Here's hoping they're gone by the end of 2018, because I've already seen enough crying Elsas on the trending tab to last me a lifetime.

4. Team 10 nonsense

Listen, Team 10 gonna Team 10 - that's just one of the rules of the universe. So I'm not asking for them to stop doing what they're doing, because that's like asking a very loud eagle not to fly. What we can leave behind in 2017, however, is everyone buying into all the Team 10 nonsense and getting way too hyped up about it. Jake and co are much more fun when you treat them like a soap opera, as opposed to an accurate account of real things that are happening.

5. Overpriced merch

We can debate until we're blue in the face about exactly how much blame, if any, can be contributed to Zoe Sugg for her infamous £50 advent calendar. But either way the calendar represented the peak of overpriced merch. Hopefully in 2018 things will calm down and YouTubers will reign things in a little bit.

6. Videos apologising for why you haven't made videos

This is honestly just a personal gripe that I say every year. But I'm gonna say it again: Just make videos. You don't need to make videos about videos you're going to make, or videos about videos you didn't make, if you want to make videos, just make em, pal.