Saying Goodbye To Essie Button Is The Best Thing Estée Lalonde Could Ever Do

15 September 2015, 13:59 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You've reached one million subscribers on YouTube. You're part of one of the most elite modelling agencies in the world. And you've already dabbled into merchandise and clothing. So what should you do next? Rebrand yourself, of course. Which is exactly what Canadian YouTube Estée Lalonde did this month.

The eagle-eyed amongst you would have spotted the handle change on Twitter and the YouTube username. And, if you didn't dismiss the video as being about a meet up- you'll have seen the defining "Let's Meet Again".

When it comes to beauty vlogging, it's pretty clear to see which YouTubes have lost their love for it and choose instead to regurgitate monthly favourites, a tutorial, a haul and repeat. And although we keep tuning in and still enjoy those videos, you can tell when the spark has gone from people's eyes.

Beauty vlogging is one of the most lucrative genres on YouTube when you add up advertising, channel views, endorsements, sponsored videos and free stuff. So naturally any established YouTuber would be scared to change their format incase they lost their income resource. There's also the fans; would they be annoyed, upset and disgruntled if a beauty channel suddenly started posting gaming reviews and language tutorials? No doubt.

So when Estée opened up and said how she felt her channel had become stagnant and her desire to show viewers the real her was starting to takeover, well, we seriously applauded her huge balls.

Still with a keen interested in beauty, Estée spoke about wanting to try new things and in the past two weeks we've seen a longer form lifestyle video with Claire Marshall which sees the viewer as a fly on the wall and exposes the depth of their friendship.


"I know it's [a] small [thing], but I feel if my channel name is my real name I can really show you all aspects of myself and I can really do things that reflect who I am as a person" Estée said of her name change.

Talking about the future of her channel, she expressed her utmost excitement about the new feel and future content that makes us proud that Estée is one of the few YouTubers who acknowledges the need to grow up as her initial audience flies past their teen years and into their 20s and beyond. To accept that change and be willing to no longer cater entirely to tween girls when you're much older actually takes some guts. Sure, a lot of the YouTube audience is between 13-17 but that leaves those who are more mature lacking in great content and wondering why their old favourites are still talking about pizza parties and sleepovers at the ripe old age of 25.

"Grown up" lifestyle content on YouTube is in the minority and the tide in tastes in changing for a lot of viewers. In terms of a future on YouTube, we think this is the best thing Estée could ever do. The new content will open the channel up to new brand sponsorships and media opportunities, no longer pigeonhole Estée into a particular set of merchandise deals and - most importantly - take a step towards other beauty and lifestyle vloggers being open to adapting themselves and their channel.

Congratulations, Estée, we can't wait to see more.