What YouTubers Think Of… Fallout 4

24 November 2015, 14:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

There's no way on Earth you can afford every game in the world. So let's look at what the wonderful world of YouTube thought of Fallout 4 and make some well-informed decisions...

Unfortunately for the gaming world, this time of the year is mad expensive to stay on top of. So far, in November alone, we've had all the AAA titles expected to lift the Game of the Year trophy. All of them. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT TO BUY?!

Last week, we gave you a YouTubers' Guide to whether or not you should buy/play Star Wars Battlefront, but we can't stop there. Next up in the series we need to talk about getting lost in the wasteland and making sure you don't get eaten alive by bugs and dogs. It's everyone's favourite apocalypse simulator - Fallout 4!

Before we break into the YouTubers themselves, lets remind ourselves of the original trailer that got us all so pumped up...

Even though this live action trailer didn't give us much in the way of gameplay and actual content, what it did do successfully was wind up the hype wagon and send us all into overdrive. ROBOTS. EXPLOSIONS. ARMOUR. DOGS. In fact, it was such a good trailer that it was more than enough to keep us nice and thirsty for the official release only a few short weeks later. How's that for marketing!?


FIRST REVIEW: GameSpot (a.k.a ‘John Cena’)

Whilst this review is (albeit) gloriously silly, it's a true testament to how powerful Fallout 4 is when it comes to character customisation. To take current memes, such as the John Cena trend that's doing the rounds on Vine, and not only recreate the main character to look like a pro wrestler but then go around the game punching the living dead?! Incredible stuff.


SECOND REVIEW: OutSideXbox (a.k.a ‘The Masters')

OutsideXbox are a legitimate source for decision making. This video on the 8 most important tips to master Fallout 4 are surprisingly easy hints to improve your game and conquer the wasteland. For current players of the game, it's a must-watch as you will learn some pretty SIGNIFICANT things. For people thinking about buying Fallout 4, it's a fantastic insight into the type of gameplay modes and tasks you'll be faced with once you pop in the disc.


THIRD REVIEW: CluelessGamer (a.k.a ‘The Celebrity')

Conan O'Brian, somehow, is a FANTASTIC video game reviewer. Even though he mocks the community, the game and the developers on a regular basis, we cannot get enough of his review style! One of the most refreshing things about his CluelessGamer series is the fact that he truly is clueless, and that he isn't making the videos for hits or credibility - in fact, he looks truly bored to be there. That was until he started playing Fallout 4 and had his beautiful ginger head blown away...


FOUTH REVIEW: SMii7Y (a.k.a ‘The Storyteller')

Never have we seen such a narrative, storytelling gameplay video! This is like a mini-movie set in the Fallout universe, and to boot it's super funny! SMii7Y gives further evidence to show the power of exploration and adventure within Fallout 4 with a 12 minute video of him trying to complete a simple task and getting sidetracked every step of the way. It happens to the best of us.


FINAL REVIEW: Jacksepticeye (a.k.a ‘The YouTuber')

Any video that starts with 'X VIDEO GAME HAS CONSUMED MY LIFE' shows you're in for a keeper. Here's Jacksepticeye showing us once again the correct way to play games - they don't need to be dramatized, or over edited, or HOURS LONG. We just want to see someone play a game from time to time and have fun in their own weird little Irish world.



POSITIVE: Unbridled fun for a game that is primarily about the nuclear apocalypse. Completely customisable characters may be all the Internet has being going mad for, but the real game is when you finally step out of Vault 111.

NEGATIVE: The graphics haven't moved forwards much since it's predecessor in 2008 and at times the gathering of materials feels like a painful 50 hour marathon of Scrap Heap Challenge. Also there are enemies just about everywhere. You. Are. Not Safe.

Final Score: More gameplay hours than you can shake a stick at and leagues above any other sandbox game on the market. Bethesda knocks Fallout 4 right out of the park and into the nuclear blast, shattering the opinions of everyone who says that frame-rates and physics engine are the most important things in AAA titles.