How To Find Out If Cambridge Analytica Hacked Your Facebook Data

10 April 2018, 14:07 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 17:28

Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Is your data safe?

Over the past few weeks, there's been much talk about the way data research company Cambridge Analytica has been using Facebook users' information. Lots of people have been wondering if their FB data had been shared by Cambridge Analytica, and now Facebook have an easy way to find out if your data was used.

How did Cambridge Analytica harvest data from Facebook users?

The company used a quiz called "This Is Your Digital Life" to harvest information about users. However even if you didn't play the quiz, you could still be at risk as the quiz was able to harvest information from you if one of your Facebook friends had also played it.

How can I tell if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?

Facebook are now offering the chance for their users to easily find out if Cambridge Analytica had acquired their data. Simply click here and you'll be taken to Facebook's help section and told if you're data was shared.