Find Out Your Halloween Pun Twitter Name With Our Handy Generator

12 October 2016, 16:47

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

We have a spooky version of every name! Come and find out yours!

We recently wrote about how YouTubers are Halloween-ifying their names on Twitter - and you may want to jump on this trend too. The only problem is, you're so busy pumpkin carving and spooking people to think up a Halloween pun name. well have no fear, because your old pals at Unicorns have got you covered with this handy dandy chart. Today we're only doing female names but have no fear lads - a male chart is on the way.


NOW LISTEN - there is a good chance your name might not be on this list. There are literally billions of names a person could feasibly have and we couldn't fit them all on this chart, so we just put the most common ones from the US and UK. My name is literally Benedict, I have suffered my entire life with never being able to find my name on key-rings or basically any gift shop items. My point is that if your name is not on this list, ya just gonna have to suck it up bud. Oh and don't you dare @ me saying that 'Ashley' is on the list but your name is 'Ashleigh' - they sound the same and that's all that matters for the pun. That applies to you too, Kaitlyns, Catelyns and Kaitlins.