10 Free Instagram Editing Apps To Make You A Theme Queen

28 March 2017, 16:19 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Theo Araby-Kirkpatrick

What you need to get ALL those likes.

By now you've probably got all the obvious Instagram add-ons. You've made simple collages with Layout and thrown your share of Boomerangs. But there's a whole world of extras out there from independent developers. A lot of them are totally useless, or worse will actually damage your phone and account - so are there any good free Instagram apps out there?!

Fortunately for you, we've filtered out some of the best apps for you to use to express yourself and become the Theme Queen you feel inside. Best of all, they're all free!

These are the free Instagram apps you need RIGHT NOW...

1. Here

A really unique app to start with, if you check in and take a shot with Here you will be suggested a range of location-related filters and overlays for your pic. So far so predictable, right? Well there's more, as you keep using the app it will generate a map of where and when you took your photos, so you can keep track of your visual footprints as you explore your city!

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2. Bazaart

More editing tools than you could ever possibly get bored with. With a bit of practice you can make truly artful and professional quality photo edits, with end results that will really stand out as people are scrolling through their feeds. Better than the equivalent in paid for apps!

3. Squaready

A quick way to fit any photo into your feed without cropping or leaving black space. Full colour palette for filters and backgrounds to match your shot in the centre. Great for when you just can't cut anyone out!

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4. Pic Collage

Layout is fine for a while isn't it? Import a few photos, spread them around on a grid, give them a little caption, you know, the usual. But eventually it won't be enough. That's where pic collage comes in.аImport more photos, arrange themаin whatever formation you can come up with, add backgrounds and text for themes, what more could you ask for from a collage app?

5. After Light Go

Afterlight's full edition is one of THE go-to apps for professionals right now, especially if they're after a free Instagram app like you are. But this free version still provides the same breadth of touch-up toolsаand filters to perfect your shots, as well as galaxy filters for sparkling cosmic effects.

6. FreeHand

A simple concept for this one but one that adds a real personal flair to your shots. This allows you to insert handwritten text andаdoodles to your shots, whichаwill really stand out amongst the Helvetica and ironic Comic Sans the rest of your feed will have!

7. Video Editor Music,Cut,No Crop

Created by a Google Play Award-winning development team,аthis app allows you to add music over any Instagram video post and cut to the exact part of the song you need. The app can edit music, videos and even source from a GoPro! A seriously useful and rare functionаfor the princely sum ofаг0.00.

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8. Instagrid Ц Grids For Instagram

We've all done the DIY version of this at some point. You want those top 9 posts to assemble into something special. But here's something that makes the whole thing so much easier! Simply pick a photo and it will automatically divide it into three, six, nineаor even more segments to upload and dominate your profile with.

9. Preview Ц Plan Your Instagram

If you already know what you're going to be posting but don't want to be 'that person that flooded the whole feed' then you've just found your new best friend. Arrange a full week's posts in advance, with previews of what they will make your profile look like. It even lets you tag in advance and works alongside other apps in this list. Lots of the other featured apps here are for giving personality and flair to your individual photos. This one is special as it lets you plan your WHOLE profile!

That should give you plenty to play with! Any free Instagram apps that you'd recommend? Don't forget to follow us and show us anything really special you make with these!