Here's How Gabriella Lindley Showed Us The TRUTH Behind #BodyGoals

5 April 2016, 11:02 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Not everything is as it seems...

When Gabriella Lindley announced she'd filmed an incredibly emotional video, speculation filled social media- would it be a coming out video? Would Gabbie reveal she was moving back to Brighton or maybe to another country? Would she reveal why she had an apparent falling out with fellow YouTubers Lucy and Lydia?  What the majority of us didn't expect was that Gabbie would reveal shocking information about exactly how she lost an incredible eight stone.

Whilst Gabbie has been an advocate for healthy eating and working out in the past, she revealed that her weight loss was down to a gastric sleeve- an operation designed to shrink the stomach and restrict the amount of food a person can eat.

But Gabbie didn't stop there. After the weight dropped off, she was sadly left with lipedema which is where weight settles in one particular area of the body. The effect this had on Gabbie's life was dramatic, often having to wear tights and Spanx underneath trousers, skirts and dresses just to help her achieve a silhouette she was comfortable with. All the while Gabbie bravely continued with her YouTube channel, carefully making sure she was filmed at appropriate angles.

Gabriella Lindley

Gabbie then went on to have various forms of liposuction on her thighs, stomach, arms and back in order to take away the excess skin and fat left by the weight loss and lipedema. At the end of 2015, Gabbie underwent a boob job which she documented in a series of highly popular vlogs. Recently, the YouTuber claimed she'd like a further boob job to correct an implant mistake and help her achieve her desired look.

All at only 21.

gabriella lindley

With an army of fans and nearly one million subscribers, Gabbie's decision to reveal her surgery will no doubt leave a lasting impact as fans of all ages struggle with their own self confidence issues.

With Gabbie claiming the surgeries were the best thing she ever did and they literally saved her life, it begs the question about whether young fans will now see weight loss surgery as the ultimate goal for the perfect body?

Here's what we think the video taught us about body confidence in the modern world.

There's More Pressure Than Ever

And obesity among young people is at an all time high. With social media and smart phones an intrinsic part of every day lives, the pressure to look like a celebrity (or YouTuber) means more teens are facing body confidence issues. Despite there being a whole host of amazing body positive YouTubers, apps like FaceTune still reign supreme as we all strive to filter ourselves and create the "perfect" image.

Gabriella Lindley

And we're sure Gabbie herself is no stranger to the pressure of looking perfect on social media. Gabbie has been accused of editing her selfies in the past but with thousands upon thousands of eyes on her, who can blame her? We're all victims to growing pressure to look perfect but this leads us onto our next point...


There Are SO Many Body Positive YouTubers

Ultimately, you should love the skin you're in. We're all created unique and that's what makes the world a special place (cheesy but true!).

If you're struggling with confidence and the pressure to look "#goals" then you need to take a look at the likes of Learning To Be Fearless, Kat Blaque, Melanie Murphy and Laci Green who have completely different body shapes to one another but talk with passion and give amazing advice on how to feel incredible at all times.

Ultimately, we need to help stem the idea of a "perfect body" and look towards inner happiness and comfort in ones own skin.


Surgery Is A Last Resort

What we hope Gabbie's video doesn't do is romanticise the idea that getting surgery is a quick fix. Although she's seemingly happy, Gabbie got very emotional when speaking about the pain she went through as she sought happiness. Despite Gabbie undergoing a complete body transformation within the space of 18 months, she also spent a long time working with dieticians and doctors to try and combat her weight without going under the knife.

With Kylie Jenner, the cast of Geordie Shore and a ton of other celebrities now freely admitting to having lip fillers, botox and other forms of cosmetic surgery, it's important that we see the procedures for what they are- medical procedures that have risks and don't fix the emotional scars that comes with disliking ones own image.

gabriella lindley weight loss

We were shocked to hear how many procedures Gabbie had had, even undergoing liposuction on her arms at the same time as having a breast uplift and implants. Having spent the last nine months essentially recovering from surgeries, Gabbie's life has been severely affected and her experiences limited as a result.


You NEVER Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

So many comments on our original news story about Gabbie were sympathising with her and voicing surprise at everything that has gone on. The joy of YouTube stars is that we feel close to them- we watch their daily vlogs, we tweet them, we watch them on Snapchat- and they basically become our friends.

But no matter how close we feel to these stars online, we're only seeing what they want us to see and a carefully edited selection at that. Just because someone looks happy and content in the vlogs, doesn't mean they're feeling that way the other 23 hours of the day. Just because we perceive someone to have a perfect body, doesn't mean they feel the same way. Just because someone has money and a house and friends and millions of subscribers, doesn't mean they have it easy.

gabriella lindley

We're all facing our own battles- be it with self confidence, body image, finances, exam stress... And it's easy to forget that our favourite YouTubers certainly don't have perfect lives, despite what their Instagram accounts might portray.


What do you think of Gabbie's weight loss video? Let us know your thoughts below.