10 Things YouTubers Taught Us At The Glamour Beauty Festival

15 March 2016, 14:21 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Prepare to learn some amazing life lessons.

As we Unicorns know, there’s a lot of beauty to be had on YouTube. From skin care routines to drugstore hauls, we’ve watched them all. So, when it came to checking the line up for the Glamour Beauty Festival, it was no surprise to see some of our fave internet stars up there.

glamour beauty festival

Tanya Burr was invited to share her wisdom and Niomi Smart did some ‘almost’ cooking. Pixiwoo gave us a much needed make-up master class and Jim Chapman had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Fleur De Force and Estee Lalonde.

But what did we learn from it all? Quite a lot, actually...


How to make cold soup

We know it sounds disgusting, but trust us, Niomi Smart made it. So obviously it's great.

On the Saturday Brunch Panel, the health and lifestyle vlogger made a raw pea and courgette soup with only a blender to hand. She was cooking alongside other foodie experts, Natasha Corrett and James Duigan, and sharing her food and fitness tips with us all. Niomi Smart gif


Your mum isn’t always right

We know what you’re thinking, there’s no way this is possible.

Not only was Nimbob showing us how to make a delicious raw soup, she was also showing her mum in the audience, who we definitely recognised from her moving in vlogs. She even confessed to thinking her daughter would never be able to cook when she left for university - but look at her now!


Not everyone will like you

Tanya gave us some wise words when it came to facing the haters. Well, we don’t have over three million subscribers watching us at all times, obviously, but the meaning still applies.

She also spoke about her serious Twitter addiction which is so bad sometimes she has to delete the app and have a detox- which is healthy advice when you think about it.          


Working with your best friend is goals

Tanya also gave us the low down on what it’s like having her best friend, Kate, as her PA. You may have seen Tanya’s Maldives vlog, aka half an hour of serious holiday envy, which featured her and Kate jetting off to the very sunny island on a ‘work trip’.

Tanya told us working with Kate is the best as they both keep each other inspired and motivated – even when they’re on a sunny island.          


Contouring is not for everyone This has to be the most reassuring phrase we've ever heard.  

Pixiwoo were the final guests on the Saturday and they delivered a make-up masterclass creating two separate looks on their models. We’re NGL it was weird not seeing them do make-up on themselves, but they are make-up artists after all.

Nic was creating an Instagram look with a heavy contour and a brown smoky eye when she told us that contouring isn’t for everyone. Apparently, as you get older contouring can actually age you instead of defining your features.

We think we’ve found our new excuse for not mastering those chiselled cheekbones!


Dealing with fame

Who knew Jim Chapman used to be shy?

You wouldn’t believe it now after seeing him present huge film premiers in Leicester Square and making his own documentary for BBC Three, but Jim used to be so nervous.

Whilst interviewing Fleur and Estee he told us the first time he realised he needed to kick his nerves was when a viewer came to say hello in the street and he just froze. He recalled ringing Tanya straight away to tell her he needed to sort his nerves out as he didn’t know how to act around normal human beings. Poor Jim!


YouTube isn’t easy

We unicorns knew this one already, but some people still think YouTube is an easy job.

glamour beauty

Jim, Estee and Fleur all explained how YouTube is a non-stop career to which there is no off switch. Estee described it as not just doing one job, but doing 10 different ones.

We mean, in what other career can you say you’re a film maker, an editor, an author and an entrepreneur? Not any that we can think of anyway.


Fleur will be expanding her make-up line this year

Whilst being interviewed by Jim, the beautiful Fleur De Force was chatting about her exclusive make-up range on Feel Unique. Fleur has already released two eye shadow palettes a collection of lip glosses, false lashes and a beautiful cosmetic bag to put them all in.

fleur de force beauty

And we're in store for more this year as Fleur revealed she has plans to expand her brand. We wonder what it could be…


Why Estee ditched Essie Button

Estee Lalonde

For a while on YouTube it seemed as though everyone was ditching their on-screen-names and shifting all of their branding to their real ones.

Helen Anderson, Samantha Maria and Estee Lalonde all did it, but why?

Estee explained that Essie Button just didn’t fit with her brand any more. She told us that when she started out there was no way she would have considered using her last name online and she could have never predicted that it would have ever become her career.


Lisa Eldridge is psychic

We already knew that Lisa was seriously talented at make-up but who knew she could predict the future too?

The make-up artist was the last to speak at the Glamour Beauty Festival and of course she couldn’t not mention her channel with over one million subscribers!

Lisa started the YouTube after she couldn’t answer all of the beauty questions she kept receiving. She remembered thinking “this is the future, all the power is going back to the consumer!” and she wasn’t wrong.

She knew that the approval of these vloggers and bloggers in their bedrooms can mean more than the opinion of beauty writers before anyone else in the industry.


Which YouTubers would you love to grill? Let us know in the comments below.