The Ultimate Guide To YouTuber Glo Ups

7 January 2016, 12:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Here's How To Glo Up In 2016!

Let's talk about Glo Ups, friends. They're cool, they're body-positive and we need more of them in 2016. First up, what IS a glo up? Well, as with all important questions, we must turn to the ever-wise Nathan Zelalem for the answer:



As you can see, Glo Ups are basically about getting more attractive as you age, but they can (and should!) also be about personal improvement and about the process you go through to glo yo'self up. In his video, Nathan gives working out and studying hard as examples of how to do this. Here are some more of our favourite examples of people getting all glo'd up:


Dani Noe Shares Her Awkward Teen Pics And Its Awesome 

Dani Noe gives us a hilarious glimpse into the dramatic changes she's gone though. The message is great too:


Don't Think It's Just About Bragging

Here it may seem like Stella Rae is just talking about how she think she's hot - but you know what, why shouldn't she? When there's so much negativity out there, we need more self-love in 2016. The video does get a little bit adverty at one point though, so you can skip that bit ;)



Lauren Curtis Talks About The Struggles Of Growing Up

It's a glo up (even though she doesn't call it that lol).



Let's Highlight A Smaller YouTuber 

Paigey Vanessa only has a few thousand subscribers, but her glo up advice is solid! We really like her advice of not always listening to music when out and about in order to let yourself have some quiet time with your own thoughts. Show her some love:



And Finally

I'd like to inform you that I was 99% finished with writing this article before I realised that 'glo up' is a play on 'grow up'. So I'm hoping this year I'll glo up out of being a huge idiot dingus. Happy new year.