Here's How To Raise Money For Charity With Your Favourite YouTubers

8 February 2017, 13:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Here's how you can directly help your favourite YouTubers in their efforts to raise money for charity

YouTubers are good at many things - comedy, music, jump-cuts - but one thing that YouTubers are especially good at is raising money for charity. A bunch of our YouTube faves will often raise money for charity in a wide variety of weird and wonderful ways. We've collected together a selection of ways in which you yourself can get involved with the charitable goings on and put them in a handy article, cos we're nice like that. Check it out:


Markiplier's Livestreams

Markiplier will often raise tons of money using regular charity livestreams. At the time of writing Mark does not have any streams scheduled but it's worth keeping an eye on his channel or social media accounts for updates because he and his viewers will often raise incredible amounts for charity. The Markiplier reddit also has a handy section on its homepage that tells you at a glance whether there are any livestreams planned (as pictured below).




Tyler Oakley's Charity Albums

Working in collaboration with with Connor Franta’s record label “Heard Well”, Tyler has just dropped a brilliant new Valentine's Day album called “Break Up Jams”. Profits from Tyler’s album will go to Planned Parenthood, an organisation which Tyler has been fiercely advocating for in recent months.

You can buy the album in physical or digital form on Tyler’s Heard Well page; as well as signed bundles. You can find out even more about the album by clicking here.


Donate to Louise's cancer fund

In 2015, Louise Pentland set up a fund to raise money for cancer research. The effort easily reached its Ł20,000 fundraising goal and Louise then raised the goal to 30K, just to see how far it could go. Although it's a few years old, the page is still active and you can still donate.



If you want to help Louise get to that ever-so-close fundraising goal - click here to donate.


Charity Football Matches

Last May, a ton of YouTubers took part in a charity football match to raise money for the Community Sports Foundation at Norwich City Football Club. This match was not the first of its kind and it definitely won't be the last, so make sure to keep your eyes fixed to YouTubers like Marcus Butler and Jim Chapman, as there's a strong chance they'll be taking part in another match in 2017.




PewDiePie's livestreams

PewDiePie has raised eye-watering sums for charity (eye-watering in the sense that it's so generous it makes you goddamn tear-up). This past December he and his RevelMode pals raised over $13 million for charity and it's certainly not be the last time they'll be doing so, so make sure to keep your eyes glued to all their socials for news of the next big event.




Of course, this just scratches the surface of all the YouTubers out there who are doing incredible things for charity. If you know of a YouTuber who has something awesome and charitable planned, comment it below or on Facebook page, so that others can get in on the goodness!