Here's How Much It Costs To See Every TATINOF USA Show

13 July 2016, 13:57 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If only we were millionaires...

The 2016 edition of The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire is now officially over, and we're still kinda in shock. Not only was it the greatest show on Earth, but it was an unfiltered couple of hours that allowed us to just laugh at and with our biggest YouTube faves, Dan and Phil. However, for UK fans who flew across the Atlantic ocean to see TATINOF or US fans who flew across states, we all know how costly it can be to watch your favourite social media stars IRL...

Up in Unicorns HQ, we couldn't stop thinking how much it would cost to watch EVERY SINGLE* Dan and Phil tour show. Kicking off in Playlist Live Orlando and following the boys all the way across America to their final show in Hollywood, we wanted to figure out how much it would cost to attend every show. And here's what we found out...

*This does not include any UK or AUS tour dates




So, Dan and Phil somehow managed to put on 33 shows (one being at PlayList Live!) across the entire landmass of America. From the West Coast of Los Angeles to the East Coast of New York City, Phan performed to hundreds of thousands of people - and if you wanted to see every show, that's a lot of tickets. We've calculated how much it would cost to nab a ticket in each town, based on it's lowest price range - basically, no meet and greets for us.

32 shows @ Ł28.62 per ticket + 1 PlayList Live ticket @ Ł48.96 = Ł964.80 ($1,277.46)




Now you've got your tickets and you're 100% seeing Dan and Phil 33 times over the next two months, it's time to check into your hotels - PLURAL. There may be 33 shows, but the entire tour lasts 63 days from the 22nd of April to the 24th of June and you're gonna need to rest your screaming bones every single night. So we used one of the most common and affordable hotels in the USA to find the average cost of a 1-bed, 1-night room to hunker down in and btw, this is where it starts to get expensive.

63 nights @ average cost of Ł60.26 per night = Ł3,796.38 ($5,026.67)




This next part will undoubtably be the most costly area of them all, because you need to actually fly to every single show on your own plane, instead of piggybacking on the back of Dan or Phil. Judging that we're following the exact route Phan took, we've bookended the TATINOF tour with flights to and from London, and then calculated the cheapest possible to travel in between each show. This calculation is 100% an estimation and flights clearly change cost per day, so we used a flight comparison website to do the maths.

32 flights + 1 taxi (from Costa Mesa to Hollywood) + 1 train (from Baltimore to Washington DC) = Ł8,555.33 ($11,327.86)




So, when you add up the cost of your tickets, accommodation and flights (but not including the cost of any food, merch or additional items which we literally cannot calculate), hardcore fans of Dan and Phil can expect to pay quite a substantial amount of money to follow TATINOF across America. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Ł964.80 + Ł3,796.38 + Ł8,555.33 = Ł13,316.51 ($17,631.99)