Here's Why Some Of Your YouTube Faves Are Voting For Hillary

13 October 2016, 15:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

The US presidential elections are getting closer and some of our favourite YouTubers are taking a stance and talking to the camera about their political beliefs.

The US presidential elections are fast approaching and the Internet is filled with hilarious #relatable memes of both party's candidates (we're suckers for a good GIF). However, as funny these viral videos are, a few of our favourite YouTubers have recently come to remind us how important this US election really is - and most importantly, how vital it is to register and get involved with the vote. In this edition, we will be discussing all the YouTubers rallying together to vote Hillary.

None of us can hide away from the constant news coverage surrounding both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and no matter what your own political beliefs are, it's important to be informed on what you are potentially voting for. That's why a small selection of vloggers have spoken out about their own stance in this election in the aim of reaching out to the younger generation who often aren't targeted by any of the presidential parties.


Casey Neistat

The first YouTuber to begin this serge in political content was Casey Neistat, who uploaded a video to his channel entitled 'who i'm voting for president'. He stated very clearly that he shall be voting for Hillary Clinton and since then other fellow YouTubers have come forward to let us know they'll also be voting for the Democratic party.

In his video, the Vlogging King himself stated that he was "entirely aware of all the criticism against (Hillary)" but explained that he believed "she's intelligent and knows what she's doing."  He also wanted to "call out bigger YouTubers" who aren't taking about politics to get a "backbone" and just do it.


Grace Helbig

Casey's video has sparked many responses from other YouTubers, one of those being vlogger and all-round-hilarious-human Grace Helbig. She made it very clear that she shall also be voting for Hillary but made it known that her audience "are so welcome to have (their) own opinions," and she stated "I'm not a news outlet."

Grace also stated her reason for voting for Hillary and the comedienne explained: "Donald Trump is so many things I do not want as a representative of the country that I live in."


Bobby Mares

Bobby, a smaller American YouTuber with just under 150,000 subscribers, also reacted to Casey's controversial video and stated that he shall also be voting for Hillary Clinton. He began by disclaiming: "I'm not here to bash on anyone and I know there are negatives on both sides."

He spoke about his reasoning and explained "I just think (Trump's) too much of a wildcard" and Bobby also urged other YouTubers to come forward and speak about their own political beliefs.


Make sure to let us know what you think about this November's US presidential elections in the comments - will you be supporting Hillary or Trump?