The YouTube Guide On How To Be Christmas AF

18 December 2015, 09:21 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If you're stuck on holiday recipes, playlists and fashion - you're in the right place!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. So make sure you don't make a fool of yourself by being behind on this season's top trends. Follow our handy How-To guide to the absolute letter and soon you'll be Christmas AF!

Don't forget to snap your newly achieved Christmas goals and upload them to social media. Let the world see how truly festive you can possibly be.


MUSIC - Michael Buble is so 2012. And who even is Mariah Carey?! It's time to blast away the sleepy Christmas music with this absolute belter. From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you get a Doctor Who DVD as well because, let's face it, Christmas is freaking awesome.


CRAFTING - It's everyone's favourite festive Queen, Tanya Burr! In this video she runs through the best DIY gifts to make and share this holiday season. Honestly, if we received that adorable Xmas hamper we'd be absolutely chuffed. Tanya nails our Christmas goals once again.


COOKING - Prepare to change your Xmas baking game forever - by not baking a thing. Simply take a KitKat, chop it into a triangle, whack on some green icing and decoration and BOOM, instant Christmas tree with minimal fuss. Obviously our own attempt didn't go this successfully, but that's a for a separate article once all of the fire damage has been repaired...


BOOKS - We bring you the most professional and aspirational Book Giving Guide possible from the mouth of John Green himself. Having released 6 highly successful books, two of which have since been turned into Hollywood movies, we're sure that John is the authority on good book recommendations. So open up your Amazon tab and start purchasing!


GAMES - The first thing you think of when it's officially December 25th is food, presents, family and alcohol, right? Apparently not if you're Swedish. Here, we see PewDiePie play in his natural habitat as he is so comfortable with cleaning up elf blood and picking up dead bodies. So why not subvert your Christmas Day by playing this too.


FOOD ENVY - Every season when we produce a new How-To guide for y'all to live and die by, you can guarantee that this section will always feature those diehard Canadians, Epic Meal Time. As this is a 'Christmas AF' guide, let's all enjoy watching Harley & Co decorate a Christmas tree with bacon strips and chicken nuggets.


BEAUTY REGIME - Bethany Mota was pretty much the Queen of YouTube Beauty Blogging in 2015, with one nomination at the Teen Choice Awards for Fashion/Beauty and another for the main prize - Choice YouTuber! With that in mind, it's fundamental you all take a look at what Bethany does for her winter beauty regime as it's clear she's onto something special. Also, any video that endorsed being on your phone, eating crisps and watching Christmas movies in bed is our kind of beauty regime.


MAKE-UP - Lauren Curtis is an astoundingly beautiful human being. Not only does she fill her fans with confidence with genuine 'no makeup to full glam' videos, but she creates styles that are so on trend and simple to achieve that it's no wonder she's on her way to 4 million subscribers! This classic Taylor Swift look is achieved with high street products such as L'Oréal and MAC, so save your pennies as you could complete this look no problem.


FASHION - A lot of Lookbooks on YouTube are more aspiration than inspiring, with men and women literally too beautiful for this planet parading about in fancy designer dresses that fit their perfectly Photoshopped bodies. So thank god for BeautyCrush. These looks are all so relatable and close to high street, achievable fashion that no one else is hitting the Christmas vibe like her. We need that wool lined pilots jacket!


DRINKS - If you're looking for a bartender come YouTuber, Mamrie Hart is the only subscription you need. As a lady who gets drunk on camera semi-regularly, Mamrie knows damn well how to make a drink and a seasonal pun - so check out her recipe below for a Naughty Vegan Cocoa.


HONOURABLE MENTION - Now, we already have some amazing tutorials for beauty regimes, cooking and fashion, but we simply had to put in Mini Glitter for the most heart warming honourable mention known to man. Louise and her beautiful daughter Darcy gave the world 1 minutes and 36 seconds of pure, cheeky, 2-year-old heaven. We cannot stop watching even though this came out 2 years ago. We will always need more Mini Glitter Lookbooks!