How to get more fans on TikTok

12 March 2019, 17:19

get more tiktok fans
Picture: TikTok, Zach King on TikTok
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

All the tips and tricks you need to up your fan count on TikTok

TikTok is the hot new app on the block that all the cool kids are jazzed about, dude.

The short video app is a lot like Vine, but with the added musical elements of, which TikTok's parent company bought and engineered into the app.

As it is a young (ie: not yet ruined by Logan Paul types) app, there is still a lot of mystery around exactly how to become a TikTok superstar. How do you gain lots of followers (what the app calls 'fans'?) How do you make TikTok videos that people will actually want to watch and like?

Well have no fear, we're here to help you get a handle on TikTok, so you can ride a wave of likes straight to the golden gates of success... or something.

Obviously there's no magic formula that will guarantee you overnight success on the app, but if you follow this handy tips and tricks, you will have a much better chance of developing an audience (and keeping them).

1. Take advantage of trending topics and hashtags.

Yep, just as with any kind of social media platform, you need to take advantage of trends or hashtags. Originality and creativity are always key for a good video, but you can make things easier for yourself by being creative about a topic that people are really excited about.

TikTok, much like Vine before it, is really trend-y and users love watching variations on a theme over and over again, so if you see everyone loving a new trend - have a go yourself! Won't hurt.

tiktok trending hashtags
TikTok's trending hashtags (at the time of writing). Picture: TikTok

2. Upload regularly and on a consistent schedule (as best you can).

Yep, much like YouTube, or any good video platform, you will be rewarded if you post regularly and - even better - if you are able to upload on a regular schedule. This doesn't have to be super intense, you don't have to be uploading every six minutes or whatever, but maybe you could upload every Friday at roughly the same time.

People don't just follow accounts because they like a single video they have made, they follow accounts because they believe there are more good videos to come in the future.

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3. Be original and stand out from the crowd.

Personalities always succeed on apps like TikTok. That doesn't mean you have to start being super personal on the app, or start acting like other media personalities (quite the opposite). You need to infuse your videos with your own style and your own flavour. You want to end up in a situation where people start to recognise your videos.

You could also introduce certain trademark elements, like a hashtag you always use - or some kind of trademark visual cue, like an outfit or prop.

4. Make the most of the music functionality.

Music is a big part of TikTok and is arguably what sets it apart from Vine - and the upcoming Vine 2, which is called Byte.

Make sure to take advantage of the in-built music catalogue, even if it is just to add a little bit of atmosphere to your video. People do watch TikTok's without music, of course, but the most popular vids always tend to be backed up by a popular song (Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?).

5. Some things are better together.

Collaboration is always a powerful tool for building your following on a video platform. TikTok is great because it allows you to collab without having to, you know, actually go out and meet people. Take advantage of the app's split-screening functions to get your pretty face in front of even more potential followers.

Follow these tips (and hey, maybe follow our friends at Popbuzz while you're in a following mood) and you're sure to up your TikTok game in no time.