How To Get Rainbow Hair

16 October 2015, 12:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Your first step to becoming a unicorn

Surprisingly, there was a time when hair colour was pretty limited to blacks, browns, blondes and reds. And it was only ~krazy rebels~ and punks who went all out with neon hair colour. These days, everyone and their nan has a pink dip-dye or full head of blue hair going on and we couldn't love it more.

Sure, having rainbow and/or brightly coloured hair takes some upkeep but you'll constantly look like a unicorn and we can testify that there's nothing better in the world than that.

But how do you get those rainbow hues? Thankfully, YouTube is packed with great hair tutorials. So whether you want a subtle touch of rainbow colour in your hair or an all out unicorn look, we've curated the best videos to help you achieve your goal.

If you have long hair and want rainbow stripes

Shannon dyes her extentions in this tutorial but it would work exactly the same if you have long hair. To get the full effect, you'll need blonde hair to begin with. The key to achieving this look is to make sure you're blending the colours slightly and layering the placement of each colour so it looks like they just fade into one another and not like chunky blocks of colour.


If you want to go all out

Got bags of time? Want your hair to look like a legit rainbow? Here's the answer. Whilst we think it looks awesome, we're not 100% sure our hair could deal with the dryness and damage.


Rainbow hair for dark hair

If you've got dark hair and you're not willing to sacrifice it to the bleach gods, there are still ways to get some colour into your style. Whilst this is a sponsored post on Irene's channel by Garner, we've heard amazing things about the products and we're seriously impressed with the end result. You may not be able to achieve the typical red, yellow, pink and green rainbow but we think purples, blues and pinks look just as good.


If you want something temporary

Try hair chalk, they're apparently suitable for both light and dark hair and come out after one or two washes. Side note: Helen Anderson is our Holy Grail #HairGoals.


If you're a bit emo but still want that rainbow life

The thing about rainbow hair is that it's inclusive- emo, punks and basic b*tches all included. In this tutorial, Amber sections off a side piece of hair and dyes the hair in sections. Proving that short hair can look great with bold colours too, this tutorial is great if you're not sure about going for a full head of colour.


How to get rainbow hair using eyeshadow

What an actual time to be alive. Who knew you'd end up using those dodgy bright colours from your eyeshadow pallets? Like hair chalk, this look is very temporary. Use a curling iron to section the hair, run the shadow through each curl and set again with the heat from the curling wand. Simple!


Keep an eye out for our up-coming feature when we give Helen's hair chalk tutorial a go. What could possibly go wrong?!