How To Use Superzoom On Instagram And How To Change The Superzoom Filter

9 April 2018, 09:10

How to use Superzoom on Instagram
How to use Superzoom on Instagram. Picture: Other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

SuperZoom is one of Instagram's best features, here's how to find it

Superzoom is arguably Instagram's best feature, and in typical tech fashion, the app gives you no instruction on how to use it properly. Luckily for you, we've got your back.

The superzoom function lets you zoom right into your damn face in a way that is hilarious and whimsical. The second your friends see your zoomed-in videos, they'll think you're the coolest 'grammer in the world, dude.

How to superzoom

1. Open up a new Instagram story.

2. Swipe left. You will see the options at the bottom of the screen cycle along. Keep going until it says 'superzoom'.

3. Press the camera button, and enjoy!

How to change your superzoom

Superzoom actually has multiple modes. Here's how to switch between them:

1. Follow the steps above

2. Press the little button above the camera button. It has a little musical note symbol in it.

3. Every time you press this button the type of superzoom will change.

4. You can see what type of superzoom you have selected by looking at the text at the top of the screen when you press this button.

Enjoy this video demonstration feat. my dumb face