iCarly Invented Vlogging And I Will Fight Anyone That Says Otherwise

13 November 2017, 17:17

iCarly. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

We stand with you, Carly Shay.

When there is a discussion of YouTubers who shaped the platform, the same few names always crop up. Casey Neistat revolutionised daily vlogging, Charlie McDonald changed the way we looked at homemade videos and Jenna Marbles reinvented relatable YouTube comedy.

Yet, inexplicably, there is never a mention of the young woman to whom all the credit should be paid. The woman who spearheaded the entire concept of a web show, the woman who literally invented YouTubing. I'm talking of course, about iCarly.

For those of you who don't know, Carly Shay is a young woman who invented the concept of YouTubing in 2007 with her smash hit web show 'iCarly'. Her friend Sam was also a main part of the show but the show was still called 'iCarly' and Sam seemed to be totally fine with that for some reason.

On this show, Carly and Sam, with help from their friend Freddy and probably other characters that I didn't watch the show long enough to meet, put on a spectacular web show to an adoring audience. They were gods at a time when other YouTubers were mere mortals.

iCarly and Sam
iCarly and Sam. Picture: other

Was she really the first?

Now yes, I'll admit that YouTube did exist before Carly joined the scene and yes there were people who maybe seemed like they were YouTubing. But let's be honest, no one was really YouTubing until Carly came along. It's like how Sci-Fi movies existed for a long time, but didn't truly begin until George Lucas created his 1977 space epic 'The Phantom Menace'.

In 2007, the best you could hope for was a chipmunk turning around dramatically - until Carly came along.

"But she's not real"

There are countless haters and losers who will argue that Carly Shay does not deserve the title of 'Inventor Of YouTubing' due to her 'not existing', 'not being real' or 'being a fictional character'.

These are ridiculous claims made by jealous wannabes and spread by the lying lamestream media. These so-called facts about her so-called lack of existence are easily disproven. If Carly is not real, how did she appear in over 100 television episodes across seven spectacular seasons? If Carly is not real, then how was she able to walk so many red carpets to promote her show? Checkmate, sheeple.

What went wrong?

The Government will tell you that Carly's plane went down over the Bermunda Triangle in late 2012 - but when was the last time you trusted the freakin' government to be truthful with you?????

If I had to guess, I'd say that Carly got tired of her superstardom and faked her own death to escape the clutches of the very show she created. It was a tragic situation worthy of the greatest of the ancient Greek plays.

But her memory will live on, if we make the effort to preserve it. Carly, wherever you are, thank you for everything you did for the platform. You truly are the original YouTuber... and if you want to come out of hiding any time soon I'd really appreciate it cos a lot of people look at me funny when I start ranting about this.