Hannah Hart Is Afraid Of You: Everything You Missed In YouTube This Week

17 June 2016, 14:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

ICYMI, here's all the ups and downs we recommend from this week's YouTube uploads.

It's been a pretty tough week across the internet; it truly seems like every day has been full of bad news. On YouTube, plenty of creators are carrying on with their regular upload schedule, while some have pressed pause on their usual videos to raise awareness and bring major change.

For this week's round-up of recommended videos, we've put together a mix of everything: stuff for you to switch off and enjoy your weekend with, like Zoella's book club video and Tessa Violet's Twenty One Pilot's cover; but also an important upload from Hannah Hart in response to the attacks of this week.


Zoella - My Book Club Picks

Zoe's book club is well and truly underway! Despite some fairly mean-spirited backlash on her book choices from certain media outlets, Zoe is inarguably doing a great thing by encouraging her audience to read more. Check out what her latest recommendations are below!


VideoGamerTV - Stealing Stuff From E3

The world's biggest video games conference is nearing its end, and the people who have spent the past few days there have no doubt stuffed their suitcases with freebies. But that just isn't enough for the guys at VideoGamerTV - who posted this hilarious video testing the limits of how much random stuff they can steal from the event.


 ReadySetGlamour - Instagram Hacks Tested

Instagram is full of weird beauty hacks, that of course work for some - but not all. Michelle from ReadySetGlamour puts some of the most unusual ones to the test, so that you don't have to. No, really. You don't have to.


Tessa Violet - Polarize (Twenty One Pilots Cover)

The Skeleton Clique keeps getting bigger and bigger within the YouTube community - and Tessa's just one of the latest members. Her minimalist synthy cover of TŘP's 'Polarize' is almost as good as the original... I sad "almost" DON'T @ ME


Lex Croucher - 10 Surprisingly Vegan Things

If you're a vegan, or curious about the lifestyle, you know that it's incredibly hard to find things you can actually eat when out and about. But the truth is, it's easier than you think - you can even have McDonald's fries! Lex gives you the breakdown on some vegan snacks that might surprise you.


AwesomenessTV UK - Taylor Swift Squad Goals?!

It's no secret that TSwift has one of the most enviable friendship groups in the world right now; but if Helen Anderson, Rosie Bea or Gracie Francesca could have their own dream squad, who would they include? Find out in a new video of the three girls form AwesomenessTV UK!


Hannah Hart - I'm Afraid Of You

We can't forget that this has been an incredibly tough week for both the LGBTQ+ people and YouTubers, as we have recently lost members of both communities to gun violence. But as Hannah points out, it's incredibly important to not forget and move on, but to take action. Let her tell you how.