Disney Sings Adele And Sansa Stark Gets Drunk - Everything You Missed In YouTube This Week

20 May 2016, 15:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Had a busy week? Feeling some serious ICYMI vibes? Here's a healthy dose of our top picks from YouTube this week!

It feels like this week has been going on forever! Thankfully there has been a whole bunch of amazing YouTube content to get us through it; and it's time to share our favourites with you!


Hazel Hayes - Tipsy Talk With Sophie Turner

Man, Hazel's Tipsy Talk guests just keep getting cooler. This week she's sitting down with Game Of Thrones and X-Men: Apocalypse star Sophie Turner to discuss the new generation of mutant superheroes - over a cheeky glass of Prosecco, of course.



Fleur's new book The Luxe Life is getting closer and closer to release, and we can't wait! In a new vlog from her, you get to see how the book will look on the shelves...


xameliax - Does Digital Detoxing REALLY Work?

Staying off social media for an extended period of time to give yourself some peace of mind: It sounds great in theory, but does it work? Ask Amelia, who tried it herself! Sort of. idk if it counts when doing internet is your full time job.


Perspective Pictures - the faces of India

A relatively unseen gem that we came across this week is this charming short from the guys at Perspective Pictures. While taking photos of people on the streets of India, Rupert also took a few seconds of video, and set it to some amazing inspirational quotes. It's a great insight into people living far away!


Jenna Marbles - Thoughts From A Bathtub 2

You know what they say about sequels - sometimes they exist. And Jenna's back in her bath in full force, classing it up with some of her best most hilarious thoughts yet!


Brian Hull - Disney And Pixar Sings "Hello"

If you're anything like me, you heard Adele's belting comeback single "Hello" for the first time and immediately thought "It's good, but I would really rather hear this sang by Stitch, from the popular Disney movie Lilo & Stitch".

Well FINALLY, dear reader, our shared dream has been realised by voice expert Brian Hull - as well as a whole host of other familiar characters...