Pokémon Makeup Looks Are Here - Everything You Missed In YouTube This Week

22 July 2016, 14:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

You really can find anything on YouTube these days - but here are our Weekly Favourites!

Are you bored of Pokémon GO yet? Nah, us neither. But in today's Weekly YouTube Favourites we've just got the one Pokémon video for you - and ho boy, is it a doozy.

On top of that, we've got tattoos, 'Undertale' donuts with Dan & Phil, and an 11 year-old's first makeup tutorial - so get cosy and enjoy!

Jordan Hanz - Pokémon Pikachu & Ivysaur Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The past couple of weeks we've seen sketches, music, and of course gameplay - all based within the crazy and unstoppable world of Pokémon. Of course it was only a matter of time until Pokémon-based makeup tutorials reared their head - and these looks from Jordan Hanz are some of the best.


Nerdy Nummies ft. Dan & Phil - Undertale Spider Donuts

Just because Pokémon GO is reigning supreme doesn't mean that people have forgotten about spooky indie favourite 'Undertale' - and after their turn at playing it on DanAndPhilGames, these boys are ready for a snack! Dan had better watch out for Rosanna's whisk...


Tessa Violet ft. Dodie Clark - Burn (original song)

Tessa has been blessing us with a lot of amazing original music the past few weeks; but we're always a sucker for collabs. This new track penned and performed with Dodie is an instant favourite for us!


Keira Rose - Getting My Shell Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can often feel like a painful process - but if you take a nice camera and slap some ambient music over it, you'll forget the pain straight away! Keira Rose takes us on a trip to the tattoo parlour as she gets her gorgeous new piece - and lets you see eeeeeverything.


Pixiwoo - Lily's First Makeup Lesson

When your mum is as glam as Pixiwoo's Sam, it's hard to stay away from the beauty blogger life for too long! 11 year-old Lily takes to the spotlight on her day off from school to show off a fresh new look.


Melanie Murphy ft. Various - What NOT To Say To Bisexual People

Even as a friend or ally to someone with a differing sexuality, it's very easy to ask or say the wrong types of things. Bisexual people deal with this a lot; it tends to be down to society, but thankfully Melanie and a whole host of her YouTuber pals are here to give you a quick lesson!