Joey Does Rainbow Brows!: Everything You Missed In YouTube This Week

10 June 2016, 11:40 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Sketches, action movies, and the Glamour awards... a massive round-up of all of the best in this week's YouTube!

It's already that time of the week! We've compiled all our favourite videos from the past few days and are ready to throw them right at you, like some sort of bizarre content curation food fight. And boy, do we have some tasty treats for your eyes and ears!

We've got bands doing makeup, boys doing even better makeup, one action movie and a whole bunch of sketches and vlogs from our YouTube faves to keep you entertained over the weekend. Enjoy.


Joey Graceffa - Rainbow Highlight & Brow

Since it's Pride month, rainbow brows are a pretty new trend that we're all about - and it looks just as good on the boys! Joey and Lucas test their skills with rainbow brows, AND a little bit of highlight to polish off the ultimate Pride look.


Nanalew - Mara & Chen

After 2 years of production, Shawna Howson's long-awaited short film is finally here! Mara and Chen are two bounty hunters just trying to make a buck; but can they dodge their evil rival organisation, and collect the bounty, and look badass while doing it? Find out in this awesome action-packed short!


ViviannaDoesMakeup - The Glamour Awards

We attended and covered this year's Glamour Awards, where Tanya Burr picked up YouTuber of the Year - but Vivianna managed to get her footage of the event up really quickly! Check out what she got up to in a night full on fun, faves, and #looks.


Nathan Zed - Dropping Out Of College?

Fans of Nathan know that his first year at college has taken a HUGE toll on his video upload schedule - but does that mean he would ever drop out to pursue YouTube full-time, like so many before him have done? Find out with this amazingly shot dialogue between Nathan, Evil Nathan, and... Caucasian Nathan??


CollegeHumor - It Will Never Be Cold Again!

It's summer! It's hard to believe here in Britain, where June is currently comprised of thunderstorms, but in some places it gets real hot. The team at CollegeHumor seem to think winter will never come back; and it makes for some hilarious one-liners...


Zoe London - Band Does My Makeup

Bands: great at music. Beauty vloggers: great at makeup. These two don't often work the other way around, as is evident when Zoe London got together with alt-rock band Mallory Knox and they tried to give her a "bridal goth" look. Watch the carnage for yourself...


Jack & Dean - The Shredder

Using a paper shredder is fun, but it can get addictive. Shred Responsibly; or you may end up like the guy in this hilarious new sketch from Jack, Dean, and guest stars and writers, the Fratocrats!