If Classic YouTube Videos Had Clickbait Titles & Thumbnails

3 January 2017, 17:03 | Updated: 21 December 2017, 17:14

fake clickbait videos

By Benedict Townsend

We took some classic videos from our YouTube faves and re-imagined them as the wackiest clickbait we could think of (GONE WRONG!)

'Clickbait' is the art of giving a piece of content a deliberately inaccurate title or appearance in order to 'bait' people into 'clicking' on it. This is not the same as giving a piece of content an intriguing or mysterious appearance - you're allowed to be spicy with the way you market the things you make, it's just annoying when people flat-out lie.

Happily, this is not something our YouTube faves tend to do - but what if they did? What if they really went all out with their clickbaiting in the way that some people really do on YouTube? Well we've taken some classicYouTube videos from a selection of cool creators and re-imagined them as some of the most wacky clickbait we could think of, just for a laugh. Enjoy!