The Best Apps for Editing and Customising Instagram Stories

27 June 2018, 11:17 | Updated: 27 June 2018, 11:32


By We The Unicorns

Make your Instagram story videos stand out from the crowd with these apps and tricks.

With all the recent Instagram updates allowing gifs, hashtags, multiple brush options and more to be added to Instagram stories, it's never been easier to show your personality through your stories.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you might want to go outside of Instagram's internal customisable tools and use an app to push your stories even further. Wanna know how people like Zoella get those unique and aesthetic Instagram story posts? Step riiiiight this way.

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Whether you're looking to collage videos, add animated text, copy your fave Instagrammer's aesthetic posts or just generally customise your Instagram story to your taste, there's an app for that just waiting to be downloaded!


Unfold is most likely to be the app you've seen people using in your feed lately. It counts Zoella amongst its biggest fans, and it's easy to see why it's been such a hit across the Instagram-sphere.

It is unique compared to many other apps in that it allows the collaging function of many other Instagam story editing apps but allows videos to be part of the collage in addition to static images.

One of it's most well used/popular templates is the polaroid style frames which can be used for photographs and images.

It includes a range of templates that you can drop multiple videos and images into ready for your Instagram story.
The clean/minimal templates and easy to use design make it a favourite among social media influencers who want their story to have a bit more style. Think VSCO cam but for Instagram stories.

Unfold App
Picture: Unfold App

Hype Type

Hype Type is an app that allows you to add animated text in a huge range of styles to your Instagram story posts, in addition to adding music and adjusting the timing of the text.

If you want to vary your image styles but mix up the text, this is a great app for that.

Hype Type App
Picture: Hype Type App


CutStory offers less options than Unfold (above) but is great if you want to add a simple backdrop behind a video for your story.

CutStory App
Picture: CutStory App

Featured by Often

If you want the effects of Unfold but are unlikely to use it for video, Featured offers a range of free templates for collaging and laying out photos with the added bonus of highly customisable backgrounds with a very minimal and easy to use interface.

Featured App
Picture: Featured App

Adobe Spark

Like Hype Type (above), Adobe Spark is primarily a text editing app, and offers a range of different animations that can be applied over your Instagram stories.

If you're ideally looking for an app that you can upload your own logos/fonts into, Adobe Spark offers these options on its paid versions, in addition to having preset sizes for the different social media platforms.

Adobe Spark App
Adobe Spark App. Picture: Adobe Spark App


PicPlayPost is an app that allows you to simply collage boomerangs, videos and photos for your Instagram story.
Simply select collage > Instagram story to have your post exported to the perfect size for your Instagram story post.

PicPlayPost App
Picture: PicPlayPost App


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