7 Genius Instagram Story Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

14 August 2018, 15:53 | Updated: 14 August 2018, 16:51

instagram story hacks
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Some cool secrets that will help take your stories to the next level

1. Share Spotify songs on your story

On your Spotify app, select a song, hit the three little dots to the right of the song name, go to 'share' and select share to Instagram stories. It will add a nice custom story showing off your song of choice.

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2. Fill the whole screen with one colour

A lot of people use the trick of covering their phone camera so that they can get a nice black background to write text on. But did you know you can change that colour from black to anything you want? It's incredibly easy. Just click the draw button (the little pencil), pick the colour you want and then press and hold the screen. After a few seconds the whole screen will be filled with your colour of choice!

3. Fill the whole screen with transparent colour

Repeat the previous steps, but before you press and hold on the screen, make sure you've selected the second brush in the list (the chunky one that looks a bit like a highlighter). Tap that, then press and hold on the screen and the screen will fill with translucent colour.

4. Get very specific text colours

Stories offer a small variety of colours for your text, but did know you know that you can get even more specific with your colour choices? It's easy, you just press and hold on one of the small colour circles and it brings up a little menu where you can pick a very specific shade.

instagram story hacks
Picture: WeTheUnicorns

5. Use the colour picker to select a colour from within the picture

Say you took a picture of a lovely blue ribbon (how wholesome) and now you want your text to also be blue, but not just any blue - the same blue that's on the ribbon. You can do that, friend! You see that little dropper icon to the left of the colour options? Tap that and then slide over any section of your pic. The dropper will choose the colour of that part of the pic for you. It's a great way to find the perfect shade for your text that matches the picture in your story.

6. Use custom fonts in your story (not just the ones they provide)

This is a truly awesome trick that we found via LostGenYGirl.

To use any font you want, head www.coolsymbol.com, select 'fancy text', type in the text that you want to have in your story, scroll down and pic the fun font you want and when you find it, tap the blue 'copy' button on it. You will then be able to paste that text straight into your story!

7. Control who can share your stories

Swipe to the Instagram camera and before you take a pic, tap the cog symbol in the top left hand corner. This will give you a range of settings so you can closely control exactly what happens with your story.

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