28 Internet Slang Words Explained (To Help You Stay Woke, Fam)

3 May 2018, 12:27

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By Charleyy Hodson

Let's learn something new!

We've all been throwing around text abbreviations, internet slang and Twitter speak like it's nobodies business, but now it's time to make sure we're all on the same (web)page. We've explained some of the most popular phrases, internet acronyms and web words so you can stay down with the millennials... or is that Generation Y now? So, if you've got your reading glasses on, let's open up the internet slang dictionary.

It is firstly most important to note that the origins of the majority of these words actually originally from black and/or gay culture, and have now been assimilated into mainstream culture. If you want to know more about this development, and the origin of some of this internet slang, check out this article out its recent resurgence.



“As Fuck”, used as an adjective. For example, "I'm cold AF, turn the heating up!"



To have a particular style or vibe that is central to your look, and often works as a form of identification.

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Ask Me Anything - usually in the context of an internet personality opening up the floor to questions about them on Reddit or Tumblr.


Your significant other - a gender-neutral way to describe a spouse or partner, but also a noun for anything you hold dear. For example, "Omg Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough is BAE"


A way to describe someone who dresses, talks and enjoys the most mainstream and predictable things. Lacking originality. 


Short for "Because."


A term added on the end of a sentence to signify some form of emphasis, kind of like a verbal exclamation mark.


Two meanings. 1) A partner who takes every good care of you affectionately. 2) Someone who has great influence and power over yourself, such as a person you worship or deeply adore.


Short for "What the f*ck?"


When something has gone beyond funny that you literally cannot handle it anymore. You’ve laughed yourself to death. 


Short for Direct Message, a private message you can send someone on Twitter


To be completely over and finished with something be it a task, a person or an emotion.

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To be extremely OTT in every situation even when it’s not called for. Often excessive, dramatic or inappropriate.


A reaction to something stupid or cringeworthy online. It describes the real life action of putting your hand to your face in a moment of exasperation.


An endearing term for your friends, as if you’re close family. You can trust them massively.


To be able to scam, trick and steal under someone’s nose in a smooth style.


Short for "Fear of missing out," used to describe the state of anxiety you have about not being included in fun activities. 


Abbreviated form of "F*ck my life," to be used when things get a little too much. For example, "ugh, another piece of homework? FML"


Acronym for “For Real”, again used as a full stop to denote that something seemingly unbelievable is totally true.


Acronym for “Greatest Of All Time”.

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A phrase used between humans state that one possesses things (be it fitness, food, relationship, etc) that they hugely want for themselves. Normally accompanied with a hashtag. 


For when a "facepalm" just won't do. Described the real-life action of hitting your head against a desk in frustration.


Short for "How I felt when."


Short for "Incase you missed it."


Short for "I don't give a f*ck."


Short for "In my opinion," and "In my honest opinion," respectively.


Short for "In real life," as oppose to online.


"It's a" - Issa scam


Short for "Just so you know." Often used as a superfluous end to a sassy statement. 


When something is amazing, popping. Could also mean that you’re incredibly drunk.


Experiencing something so incredible that it’s making you finally “live”, equally could be said to be giving you “life”. 

Low Key

To keep something a secret, keep a low profile on something so no one else knows about it.


Short for "My face when..."


Short for "Not safe for work."


To be (usually disproportionately) bitter about something. For example, "I could not believe how salty he became when I said I was going to be five minutes late." 


To be the most badass, lethal person. Can be used in regards to arguments, takedowns and generally having a disregard for the consequences of your words/actions.


Often misused as a synonym for insulting someone, "Shade" is actually a specific form of banter when you allow an implied insult to manifest between the lines of what your saying. For example, if you ask someone "was it hard losing your home when that meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs?" the implied insult - the shade - is that they are extremely old. 


To endorse or support a romantic coupling, even if they aren’t a reality. Kind of like a fantasy pairing.


To be so completely surprised by something, that your body is literally shook. Can also mean you’re scared/can’t believe your eyes.

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Short for "Shaking my head," used to denote disappointment/disapproval 


A way to describe someone you find attractive. 


To be on point, looks-wise. For example, "I've just been to the beautician and my eyebrows are snatched" 


Often cited as being based on the character from Eminem’s music video of the same name, this represents a crazy, OTT and often terrifying fan for something (be it a person or a form of media).


Pronounced either as “tick” or “thicK” (with a heavy K) to refer to a person who is incredibly curvy and sexy. Larger than an hour glass figure.


Short for, "Today I Learned"


Short for "Too Long; Didn't Read" - the TL;DR version of something is a shortened, easily digestible version of longer content. 


When you exist purely for one thing, person you can be called XXX trash. Also used as a self-deprecating term for being a general mess and worthless person. This, for example, is one word that because of internet slang, has generated an entirely new meaning to some.

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Short for "You only live once," usually used as a justification for being irresponsible. For example, "I was supposed to stay in and revise today but I'm currently day drinking in the sun because YOLO."


A phrase from the drag community


Living in a state of awareness that is above the level of expectation. To be fully aware of current events and the world around them.


Were there any Internet slang words on there that you didn't know? Think you have anymore to add? Let us know in the comments below and we'll keep this list updated!

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