INTERVIEW: Nick Colletti Breaks Down His Iconic 'What's Up Kyle' Vine

18 June 2018, 16:05 | Updated: 18 June 2018, 16:09

what is up kyle vine interview nick colletti
Picture: Nick Colletti
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The man behind the iconic Vine walks us through how it was made

Here at WeTheUnicorns we bloody love Vines. Although the platform may be more dead than, we still can't get enough of those iconic little six second chunks of gold.

In a new interview series, we're chatting to famous Viners about how they created their most famous Vines. Today, we asked Nick Colletti what inspired his classic Vine about 'Kyle'.

1. What inspired the Vine?

1. The vine was honestly just another random idea I had at the moment. I would just think of something and then make it, it wasn't thought out or scripted.

2. Where did you film it?

The Vine was filmed at my cousins house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I'm from. Go pens.

3. Are you surprised by how popular it has become?

Yeah I just thought it was another vine and then I checked it n it had blew up and I was like oh dam its lit.

4. Do you think you’ll join the new Vine (V2)?

Hell yes.

5. What are you up to now?

Still doing comedy because I love it and making people laugh is my passion. 

You can get more Nick Colletti goodness on his Twitter account, his Instagram and his YouTube channel.

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