EXCLUSIVE: We Go Behind The Scenes Of Dodie's 6/10 Video With Sammy Paul

5 October 2017, 11:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Exclusive Dodie video with Sammy Paul

By Benedict Townsend

We had a chat with Sammy Paul, director of Dodie's '6/10' music video about some of the magic that went on behind the scenes

The video for Dodie's instant classic 6/10 has received rave reviews from online viewers. We reached out to director Sammy Paul, to get the inside track on how the magic was made. Here's the video, if you want to refresh yourself before we dive in:

Question 1.

We The Unicorns: From conception to posting online , how long did this video take to put together?

Sammy: We'd been wanting to do a dance / movement based video for ages. In the early stages of development both 'Sick of Losing Soulmates' and 'Intertwined' were originally going to feature dance. However, with this one we actually committed. Preproduction was embarrassingly short (about two weeks), rehearsals were one week, we shot it in three days and post production took about a month.

dodie 6/10

Question 2.

We The Unicorns: Subtle choreography plays a big role in the video - when was it decided that those movements would be part of the video? How were those movements decided upon?

Sammy: Deepraj Singh was our choreographer on this music video. I've worked with the guy a bunch in past and he'd always talked about wanting to choreograph for a non dancer. We workshopped and rehearsed with Dodie for about a week or so, gauging the balance between movement and performance.

dodie 6/10


 Question 3.

We The Unicorns: How involved was Dodie in the look of the video?

Sammy: Her and I chatted very broadly about the general feeling we were after. Myself and my DoP Ciaran O'Brien were then able to translate that into a look.

dodie 6/10

Question 4.

We The Unicorns: The video looks gorgeous, who do we have to thank for that?

Sammy: Total credit here goes to my DoP Ciaran O'Brien. I was asking for something very cinematic but very intimate, not an easy combo, but I think he managed to nail not only the look but the story.

dodie 6/10

Question 5.

We The Unicorns: There are some other famous faces in the video, what was the process of getting them involved?

Sammy: I honestly just messaged them on Facebook and said "wanna come sit in a room". They're all very good sports.

dodie 6/10

Question 6.

We The Unicorns: Just on a practical level, how easy was it to get the taxi for the video?

Sammy: Pretty easy. We found a great booking agent where you can rent a taxi for the day. Hardest bit was trying to get the timing right such that the taxi arrived as Dodie hit the right point in the choreography. I think we must have done around 30 takes.

dodie 6/10

Question 7.

We The Unicorns: How easy was it to get Dodie to cry for the camera?

Sammy: She's a total pro. We chatted ahead of time and I gave her space to get into a certain mindset. From there we just got the cameras rolling and let her do her thing. It then took about 30 minutes to wind back down and let her settle into the room. She told me the whole thing was actually pretty therapeutic.

dodie 6/10

Question 8.

We The Unicorns: Are there any small details or secrets in the video that viewers may have missed?

Sammy: Two little things that I particularly like are, firstly, the invisible VFX that take place during the impossible mirror shot. And, secondly, having her tattoo hidden by makeup. We just wanted to give the sense that this was a character and strip away anything that may make her stand out.

dodie 6/10

Question 9.

We The Unicorns: Can you give us any details about the other upcoming Dodie videos?

Sammy: So the next three are each directed by different people. 'You' is very fun, 'Secret for the Mad' is very sweet & 'In The Middle' is very bizarre. In theory they should come out every month for the rest of the year.

dodie 6/10