Here's Exactly What It Takes To Be A Luxury Fashion Vlogger

3 June 2016, 13:32 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

And why it's all getting too much for some...

Designer unboxing videos (literally, just people unboxing designer items for your pleasure) have gained huge popularity in the YouTube industry over the past two years. So much so, that many successful fashion and beauty vloggers are rebranding themselves into "luxury vloggers" and it's fast becoming an exclusive clubThe format of these channels are actually a lot more complicated then you may originally think. The pressure to remain on trend in both the fashion and online communities results in an incredibly expensive channel to up keep.

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The high demand for handbag reviews puts YouTubers in an awkward position. While they have the opportunity to spend hundreds (often thousands) of pounds on an item that has the capacity to build up their channel, only a very small percentage of the public can afford such an expensive habit. This has led to YouTubers funding their online careers by buying a handbag, hauling it, reviewing it, uploading a "What's In My Handbag" video before quickly selling the item. After that, they go through the whole process again. Buy, Haul, Sell, Repeat.

Now, you need more than one Chanel or Alexander Wang Rocco bag and some YSL lipsticks to be classed as a high fashion YouTuber. Some of the most popular videos on InTheFrow's and Amelia Liana's channel are designer shoe and handbag collections, so you need classic designer investment pieces as well as expensive trend items.

The pressure to keep up a luxury YouTube channel has led to some YouTubers joining services that allows them to borrow designer handbags to create videos, but return them once their loan period is up. This is something that self confessed handbag addict Ally Valentine has spoken openly about in this video.  It is certainly a clever and more realistic way to become a luxury blogger/vlogger but is it deceiving? Claiming to love and adore a bag you don't actually own or are planning on selling in the next month seems to make the style of these videos less trustworthy.

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You could say that buying fashion investment pieces and making money from Chanel shows great entrepreneurial skills and that the YouTubers that do this in their spare time should embrace it and make it part of their channel. This could be achieved by creating videos on"Ebay Hacks" or "How to make money from Chanel" perhaps. By incorporating the selling process just as much as the buying process, this adds a more realistic business aspect to these fashion channels.

One YouTuber who has perfected the art of having a channel focused on luxury fashion but still remains relatable, is Chase Amie. With 26,000 subscribers and Louis Vuitton first impression videos, the channel is aimed at young professional women with an interest in fashion. Chase Amie is honest and approachable and her video highlights include "How to afford a Chanel handbag" and "Where to buy pre-owned Chanel". She also justifies each purchase and gives honest reasons on why she has sold certain bags.

There's a fine line between genuinely wanting to share the love of a good product and deceiving their audiences. We hope to see the more business savvy side to these fashion videos in the future.

What do you think? Do you enjoy seeing your faves haul high end fashion? Or do you think it makes them less relatable? Let us know in the comments below.